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    Quote Originally Posted by nakamura View Post
    I hope it's more along the lines of Resi Remake.HD pre renders with lots of detail would be amazing. Either way I pray it's fixed camera and turn based battles.
    I'm sure they'll create a completely new game 99% true to the old game but with updated mechanics, polished plot and dialogue and some new content. Much of it would be fleshed out considering the world would be more 'realistic' and lifelike so it wouldn't be constrained to old limitations. I wouldn't be surprised if the other Avalanche members would be playable for some battles. I'd say this is Final Fantasy XVI as far as the production value is concerned.

    I'd love to see a new Materia system where different materia combined would create new abilities and you could change them in battle on the fly and see them glowing on your equipment. (lame)... and be able to resort the old system if need be, i.e., choose between systems at the beginning. A functioning system that would be almost like the old one would be an updated system with an ATB gauge. The characters could be at certain fixed positions in a battle (not in a row) or move around, I don't care, as long as the ATB gauge is present. If not, I'd be interested in seeing what they would come up with. On the other hand, they'd be safer and could focus on other things more if they wouldn't revamp the system too much. It's just not for their benefit.

    Of course the new orchestrated music will be positively cumtastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post
    Either that or they will miss/edit their own plot entirely and

    have Sephiroth as a real, physical entity - as many today believe to be the case. Ask mostly anyone who the antagonist of FFVII is and they will answer "Sephiroth! Duh!"...
    Probably will need spoiler tags, but can you explain this a bit further?

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    Sure. From Reddit:

    The main "crisis" in the FF7 universe actually happens years before the original game. While investigating the reports of monsters spawning from a Mako reactor, Sephiroth and Zack Fair (both 1st Class Soldiers), as well as a no-name Shinra guard called Cloud, discover the location of Jenova. This leads Sephiroth to discover his "true" nature (as a Cetra-Human hybrid and experiment test subject, but really his actual nature goes undiscovered in his lifetime) and goes insane, destroying the nearby town before fighting Zack deep in the reactor's core, and being killed when Cloud pushed him into the Lifestream beneath the reactor.

    While Sephiroth's mother was pregnant with him, he was injected with the cells of a dormant alien superbeing called Jenova in hopes of making him into a supersoldier. Which was wildly successful (and, since then, several people have secretly been given Jenova cells as adults to try and replicate this, and they were colloquially referred as Sephiroth clones). When he learned this about himself, he stopped thinking of himself as a human and grew to resent the flaws of our species. Because Jenova survives by consuming a planet's life energy and then traveling to another, he felt that his purpose in life was to join his "mother" in that pursuit.

    Somewhere along the line, it was discovered that Jenova had the ability to control the minds of people who were infected with its cells and making them converge to try and reform its body (an event called the Reunion). When Cloud was a teenager, he worked alongside Sephiroth on the job where Sephiroth discovered the truth about himself and subsequently murdered most of Cloud's hometown so Cloud killed him back in revenge. Cloud had actually applied to be in the elite military unit that had its members secretly hybridized but was deemed unfit at some point after the exposure, likely because he wasn't displaying the level of improvement that was expected of him.

    So a few years after that confrontation, Cloud discovers evidence that Sephiroth is alive and vows to hunt him down (which was most likely influenced his Jenova cells being drawn to them). It turned out that Sephiroth became a ghost, that his spirit refused to return to the collective planetary consciousness that is supposed to be made of all the minds of everything that has ever lived. As a ghost, his willpower was strong enough that he discovered a way to hijack Jenova's ability to control people who contained its cells and he used it to manifest himself temporarily in physical form through these "clones" as well as his body becoming the focal point of the Reunion.

    After his death, he began to distance himself from Jenova's goals and decided that, rather than consuming all life on the planet, that he would prefer to assimilate it and become a god. So he decided to injure the planet significantly enough that when its life energy focused on the wound that he could take in all that power and knowledge. (It sounds less logical than it is, that aforementioned collective planetary consciousness is also its life force).

    Cloud comes into contact with Sephiroth several times and is always in conflict with him, which Sephiroth found odd because all of the other clones were obedient. He could still exert control over Cloud but Cloud's default state was unusual among the clones. After several instances of taunting Cloud and calling him a puppet to try and break his ego, he stopped and took the time to explain that Cloud's reason for wanting revenge had to have been a delusion and this, combined with a few devastating instances of direct mind control, caused Cloud to lose faith in his own individuality and turn obedient. During this, he handed a powerful artifact over to Sephiroth's actual body which was able to harness some of its energy to revive itself.

    With the help of a close childhood friend, Cloud discovered that the history really had happened mostly as he remembered it but through a haze of mental unwellness caused by the event he had conflated his own actions with those of a man named Zack. Cloud had believed himself to be an elite soldier (See the Crisis Core ending to understand why) but was actually a common masked grunt accompanying them and he was such a nobody that Sephiroth simply hadn't remembered him. When Cloud attacked Sephiroth all those years ago, Sephiroth genuinely had no idea who it was that was confronting him and had apparently never made the connection that it was the guy who is hunting him down in the present.

    So he recovers from his loss of faith and his delusion, humbled by how pitiful his life had actually been, and resolves to fight Sephiroth because it's the only way to save the world. And with this new-found willpower, he is rendered unaffected by the mind control and is able to genuinely confront and re-kill Sephiroth thus preventing the apocalypse. But as long as any trace of Jenova exists, Sephiroth can still act through its remaining cells. And now he has a fixation on the disobedient slave who prevented him from achieving godhood.

    So yeah, he's basically a ghost, with Jenova being the key antagonist.

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    Yup- agreed. You actually only meet the "real" Sephiroth once in the game I think, and the real enemy being Jenova.

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    Mind blown.

    For the last fifteen years I was convinced I was fighting Sephiroth.

    It looked like him and had his name on the screen and everything!

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    That's how far the deceit flows!

    I'm guessing this new one will cater towards people like yourself, QC. Continue as normal.

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    I knew most of that but didn't realise it ran so deep. Realised after finding the true body later on in the game.

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    I'm with Chimp. Like...How?? What?! Is that lore fully discoverable in-game?

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    That Reddit extract sounds like something L. Ron Hubbard would write.

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    Reads like game writing rule #1: impenetrable convolutedness = impeccable quality.

    Kojima also swore by it.


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