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    Quote Originally Posted by Golgo View Post
    I'm with Chimp. Like...How?? What?! Is that lore fully discoverable in-game?
    Probably not, considering how crappy the localisation supposedly is.

    There was recently a project to do a decent localisation that finished, you can patch the Steam version I believe.

    Edit: Looking at some of their example videos I'm a little blown away.
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    The accountants at Square Enix worked out how much money this will potentially make and then, with $$$ signs in their eyes, unleashed the creatives.

    I think this comes at the right time. The PS4 has the power to allow for a remake that will really blow people away.

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    Seeing as FF7 is 50% off right now on Steam I may grab it and start playing that translation. The videos won me over, it flows so much better.

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    I hope it's not too descriptive/in-your-face. All of the above mentioned is there within the narrative of the original game, you don't even need to play Crisis Core as all that does is add a layer of emotion with Zack and Cloud's friendship.

    Sure, the translation can be tidied up a fair bit, but do leave a sufficient amount to be contemplated and figured out. 'Light bulb' moments make a good story a great story.

    I always go on about how I'm not interested in stories being in games. How on earth can I appreciate anything on a Hollywood scale after playing through FFVII? It's basically the Akira of video games (the manga, not the anime).
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    lol, $80 pre-orders. No ta.

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    All of the above story is in the game iirc, but as said- the translation can make it difficult. The most difficult part is probably what the black blobs are speaking "reunion" and why there are so many of them/are under thrall.

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    I'm tempted to try that new translation, but as someone who has played through FFVII once before (back when it was first released on PC), I should probably wait for the remake - otherwise it might be too soon when that comes.

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    I'll probably buy the uprezzed PS4 version and play it again. For like, the hundredth time

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    I'll definitely get the PS4 version of FFVII Original. I wonder why it's taking so long to port.

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    Do you think they'll remove the random battles? I might give it a play then.


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