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Thread: Sea of Thieves

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    One of the problems I had when I tried to play solo, was with communication. Random dudes just don't want to mic up a lot of the time, and it's very important in SoT that you do. The in game text shortcuts don't cut it, no matter how much you see the devs try to push that feature, it doesn't work as well. This actually led to some funny events in the beta. This one time I had a team that all talked on the mic and we progressed across the islands fine and had a laugh and all that, and we came across an enemy player ship. So we all agreed to head straight for them and have ourselves a fight. As we were all laughing our ass off while jumping onto their ship all we could hear was a dude on the enemy crew shouting "woah you guys all have mics! can I join your team?" it was so funny. I'm hoping that people who invest in a copy of the game will be more aware of how much better the game is with voice.

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    Yeah it shines when everyone is chatting and finding things out for themselves. I was trying to explain it to a few friends and I kept calling it charming. It's the Peter Pan of Pirates and just oozes charm... Hopefully that's enough to hold people's attention long enough to check it out.

    I agree the only possible downfall is solo play

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    "Leaked images of the gigantic Kraken in Sea of Thieves have surfaced, and this terrifying beast is a lot larger than anticipated. Spoiler warning ahoy, if you want to see the Kraken first hand without any former insight, you may want to look away now.

    Still with us? Great, let’s dive in. Rare recently revealed that the Kraken is more of a “force of nature” rather than a boss, and will show up at random throughout the world within. Here’s what you can expect.

    Gigantic, right? The Kraken is said to have eight tentacles that will target players and their ships, and that these tentacles will need to be attacked in order to set a ship free from its grasp. Players will indeed be rewarded for taking out this beast, but going from those images, it certainly doesn’t look like it will be a walk in the park."

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    Knowing Rare there'll be a lair that is home to the beast where you find treasure and his wallet containing his ID that confirms he's named Phil.

    Phil McKraken

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    I once took part in a pub quiz with a mate and said our names were Ben Dover and Phil McKraken.
    The compere read our names out doing the running scores for five rounds before somebody told her.
    We didn't win the quiz, but it didn't really matter by that point!

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    You could keep that running every week just from Simpsons eps:

    Week 1 - Hugh Chass and Oliver Klosov
    Week 2 - Ivor Biggun and Jacques Strap
    Week 3 - Seymour Butts and Mike Rotch
    Week 4 - Haywood U Cuddleme and Ollie Tabooger
    Week 5 - Drew P.Weiner and Yuri Nator

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    Managed to get into the scale test this weekend aaaaand.....!

    Not going to waste my Game Pass trial.

    First impressions on starting it up aren't too hot, the game looks okay but it has an early 360 era feel to it, it's all too clunky compared to other modern games and the chunky art style carries quite a dated looking title in many ways (though the water is nice). Then things improve as you set sail, set your sights on an island run around it scaling its peak then set off to another island and maybe bump into a player who steals your ship.

    And then a couple of hours pass and you realise the game is made up of a core gameplay loop that is too slow to be one tempting to repeat. There will be a section of gamers who will simply like the notion of sailing the seas but if it's true that the Beta is missing content then it must be missing the actual game as it's completely void of anything worthwhile to do. I did find a treasure chest though the action of getting back to your ship is laboured. I'll see what reviews say in the end but if this isn't representative of the final game Rare should have kept it very low key as it doesn't impress. It just has that air of the idea being stronger than Rare has the skill to deliver these days.

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    I tried it briefly on Saturday too. Got a crew together, after waiting a good while, then set sail. Within two minutes, the ship was taking on loads of water and it sank. I then got killed by a shark and spent a couple of mins in the afterlife/limbo thing you go to. I was absolutely none the wiser as to WTF was going on throughout.

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    My initial impressions were, this is 2018's No Man's Sky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyG View Post
    My initial impressions were, this is 2018's No Man's Sky.


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