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    List of forum Steam Usernames

    As per thread title, post your forum name and Steam name and I'll update the first post with a list.

    Forum name / Steam username

    VR46 - DavidHolliss
    eastyy - eastyy1
    speedlolita- speedlolita
    Baseley09 - Baseley09
    charlesr - charlesrodmell
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    But what about the NTSC-uk group! lol

    I'm not sure what my Steam username is, possibly speedlolita?

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    Didn't even know that existed, and guess most members are long gone from here. Added you both.

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    Please don't judge me by how many games I have and how many are unplayed...

    Not to be confused with my NNID kryss101010 or my PSN ID kryss101010.


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