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    Think most folk were made aware of the sets by, and still refer back to this post as the de facto sell sheet on them. To quote;

    Since the Pioneer is an early plasma generation, image retention is quite obvious. If you play a 2D shoot'em up, the score display will show a slight afterglow for several minutes after you've quit the game. This has nothing to do with burn-in though and with a display properly "broken in" burn-in is nothing you have to worry it. I had an in-game pause screen showing for about 3 hours recently and the image retention from it was completely gone about 2 minutes into my next game session.
    In other news, I can now tell you they're bloody heavy.

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    That post came along at just the right time for me, as I'd been researching EDTV resolutions and was looking into getting a 15" 640x480 set. Wasn't expecting another 25" on top of that..!


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