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    (Retro) What have you been playing this week? Vol.2

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    This is my thread!

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    Old one is waaaaaaay past the 200 page threshold I'm afraid, should've been closed 50 pages ago.

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    It's only 50 pages long in badass mode.

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    Sorry to derail the thread but I've been playing 3S and KoF 2002 via Fightcade. Only just discovered FC existed and wow, what an experience it is.

    Been great dusting off "Big Bertha", my old MAS Systems stick from BITD. Pros will scoff at the Happ parts but boy is it fun to play on compared to the usual Sanwa/Seimitsu setups. The circular gate makes Hugo's 360s a doddle to pull off. I love to block an opponent, let them get their combo off then, BANG, spinning piledriver their arse!

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    Talmit's Adventure.

    The game just trolled the **** out of me. I entered a warp door near the end of the game and got taken to the very first level in world 1!

    Thankfully I've been taking note of the passwords when I die

    And beat. The slowdown can be a pain and the platforming can be a bit too precise but it was charming and fun. The end screen challenged me to beat it on the "Games Master" difficulty but I think I'll try that another time.
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    Today I've mainly been playing Jaguar Tempest 2000, such a great game. Really need to get a rotary controller ordered though.

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    Been playing my Snes and Super R-Type and Super Metroid and love them both - The music to Super R-Type is bloody brilliant

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    Is Super R-Type any good then? I've never actually played that one.

    Not playing much really. Sensible Soccer has been keeping me entertained this past week.

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    Is Super R-Type any good then? I've never actually played that one.
    People will moan about the slowdown and all that. I think its a great shooter with a pumping soundtrack (that really gets you into the game and sounds stunning) and for the time amazing visuals . Love the game myself . The music score to level 3 is simply stunning like the level backdrops

    Imo this game features some of the best sound effects music to any Snes game
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