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    Anyone remember before The Great Bordersdown Server Failure there was a thread in which we posted ten games weíd try to play/complete in 2018? Well I havenít had much success with mine, starting off with Super Metroid and then putting the game down for a few months and forgetting where exactly in the game I was and what I had to do next. I moved on to Beggar Prince for the Mega Drive and mustíve poured 30-40 hours into it before a game-crippling bug meant I couldnít progress, and me being me didnít have an earlier save to resort to.

    So I have moved onto another game on the list, Shadowrun for the SNES, which I started playing via emulation a couple of years back before buying a physical copy and starting again. I managed to work out where exactly I was in the game - I had reached the part where you need to enter the Drake building - and realised why I hadnít progressed any further, which was due to me not being able to hack the computer operating the lift. After all these years, it transpired that I didnít actually know how to do the hacking sequences, and a helpful Youtube video later and the penny dropped. God knows how I managed to get to where I was in the game without hacking the Matrix - I guess I mustíve just fumbled around until the game moved forwards. Either that or I did know how to do it and my age is affecting my memory.

    So now Iím up to the volcano level but died a couple of times on sub floor three I think. Sh*tís getting real. But the end is in sight so I may get to tick one game off before the end of the year.

    If anyone is interested in getting hold of the game, I can tell you first hand that the SFC version is perfectly playable as all menu items/dialogue is in English with Japanese subtitles. I havenít looked at current pricing, but when I bought it a couple of years back I think I paid around £30 for a complete version in fair condition. The US version will set you back considerably more.

    Great game, and a cult classic.
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    That's not too far off that price for a fair condition US copy, I bought mine for £35 fairly recently. I don't think it's aged well at all really, it's very rough around the edges and it's remarkably short. I was quite disappointed when I picked it up again as I had very fond memories of playing it back in the day.


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