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    Quote Originally Posted by nakamura View Post
    I'll check it out.
    Just make sure the Snes is set up to a Amp or the like . This game really does sound awesome and was the game that really to me make the Mega Drive audio hardware seem crap

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    Started playing some MD in my office at lunch (emulated, with scanlines, CRT filter, monitor on game mode etc.). Been playing Sonic 1 mostly. Literally everyone who has walked past has stopped to reminisce about playing it as a kid, and how nostalgic that first stage is, with the orange, the green, the music. Some people have actually sat down to play it with me, which is fun.

    Just wish I had a 6-button pad and USB converter, instead of having to use my USB SNES pad.

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    Just landed myself a Phillips CRT 21" from 2005...picture is stunning!!! I've had to play around with picture setting as it was too vibrant. Happy with it now. always..i can't capture the true image. does colour famicom composite (although that will still get a RGB Mod)
    And I'm currently play KOF 99Evo....


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    I'm really enjoying KOF 99 Evo....was it spoken about at the time, is it rated...I'm still learning when it comes to KOF Series.
    I didn't really enjoy 2D Fighters until I fell in love with 3rd strike.

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    Finally got around to finishing Dragon Force 2 on the Sega Saturn this weekend, great game but not as good as the first.

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    Trying to one man Shadow dancer on mega drive all evening....few places can catch me out...and alas...they have all night!
    Time to give my eyes a rest and look at a computer screen! It has been fun though :-)

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    Castle of Illusion on the MD. It's still ridiculously charming after all these years. Also played a bit of Super Monaco GP.


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