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    I like castle of illusion Cepp I have Super Monaco GP..but not played it recently, played it to death as a kid, to the point I could win every race with any team with my eyes closed! Doubt I could now though..

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    Yeah it's good stuff. Easy as pie but a joy to play. I'm a bit pants at Super Monaco GP right now and can't get first yet but give it time heh. I didn't play it when it came out and I'm surprised by how fast and responsive it is (I have vague memories of playing another F1 type game around that time and it being dog slow).
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    Starting to invest more time on Garou MOTW (PS2) its not half heartedly, but, I'm without an arcade, doesn't feel quite right.
    Playing with Terry as I know his moves, it feels quite fluid compared to some other SNK games I have played...also at the moment, I'm finding it a bit harder than some of the KOF Games I've played (96 and 99evo) Its a lovely game...

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    About to start something more retro, any never played before, The Goonies/Famicom

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    After finishing Pokemon Red, I've just played and beaten Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest/Seiken Densetsu for the millionth time. It's a tough call, but I think it's possibly the best game in the entire library of the system. The scope of the world and the way it unfolds, the fantastic sprite design, the story (for a GB RPG), and most importantly the music cannot be beaten. It is my top recommendation (especially considering how relatively unknown it is; any other contenders for best game are much more well-known).

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    Maybe. I think the sprite designs in Mystic Quest are better though, at least for the enemies. The bosses are definitely better in Zelda because they're puzzle based. They're all kind of the same in Mystic Quest (but again, the designs are really cool).

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    Mystic Quest is so amazing though. It was also a while before Zelda as you know yourself. It's kinda hard to compare really.

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    Yeah they're very different, considering they're both action RPGs. I also love that it's the only game that has both Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana elements.

    Might play the Zelda-style Gundam RPG next...

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    I think a lot of people moaned about the Striker system in KoF '99 when it came out as it supposedly lost some of the purity of the earlier games. I think the general consensus now is that it added some variety to the series and SNK had to make some changes as they couldn't just rehash the same game every year.

    I think everyone loved/loves the park background when it starts to rain.

    Personally, I always thought it lacked some of the vibrancy of the earlier games and was a bit too dour. I've recently started to enjoy it though and appreciate the change in tone. It's annoying that some of the key characters are missing (Goro and Iori aren't in it I think) but there's still plenty to choose from. It's also nice to effectively get 4 characters in your team.


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