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    Quote Originally Posted by S3M View Post
    Gave Alien Resurrection a run on the PS1 this weekend, keen to see what it was like certainly plays and controls like a modern fps, looks like it could also be an early PS2 game. The one draw back is the frame rate is a bit of a dog's dinner, just not smooth enough to play that well. Really they should have pushed it to the PS2, but certainly worth a play if you don't mind the frame rate. In more areas it's a very impressive PSOne game
    Nice to see another fan of this overlooked and unrated gem. I was jaw dropped at this game when it 1st game out, it was pushing the system to its limits and it also played and sounded great. I was gutted when the planned DC version was canned back inthe day.

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    I finally broke the 20k barrier in Atari 2600 Galaxian. Just barely though at 20010; I can't aim for ****

    I feel like I'm improving though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    I've been playing Soul Fighter on the Dreamcast and while it's not brilliant its nowhere near as bad as some make out, it also looks stunning imo with lush very detail and beatuiful texture mapping
    I love the graphical style of this game. I've never managed to get past the first boss in the 17 or 18 years I've owned it! How is it done? haha

    Quote Originally Posted by S3M View Post
    Gave Alien Resurrection a run on the PS1 this weekend, keen to see what it was like certainly plays and controls like a modern fps, looks like it could also be an early PS2 game. The one draw back is the frame rate is a bit of a dog's dinner, just not smooth enough to play that well. Really they should have pushed it to the PS2, but certainly worth a play if you don't mind the frame rate. In more areas it's a very impressive PSOne game
    When you say modern controls are you talking twin sticks; one to move and one to look? That's pretty cool. I'm interested in checking it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Double Dragon (because of the recent thread - elbow move FTW) and Escape Kids, which is nuts.

    Basically, this is a racing game with layouts not too dissimilar to Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road, but you play a group of brightly tracksuited sports people racing around it.

    It was really easy because it's all credit-based (early DLC pay-to-win) and I just bought a load of turbo boosts that make it look like your guy is trumping.

    Then, when the race is finished, everybody sits on a toilet and everybody except the winner gets flushed down it.


    Cool game, forgot about this!

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    Wildtrax/Stunt Race FX.

    I'd forgotten how good the handling is in this primitive game. It almost makes the crap frame rates melt away. The coupe feels like I'm razzing my Peugeot recklessly around a track. Awesome sensation of speed, especially when boosting down a straight.

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    Another thing I'm remembering about this game that blew my mind way back then: Weather/time transitions.

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    Yes correct, its one of the first FPS shooters to support dual analogue twin sticks on console. t's just a shame it's not that smooth to control, but historical it might be quite important, might be the first game to use that set up???

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    Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 supported dual analogue sticks... But you had to be playing with two N64 controllers, one in each hand. Worked fairly well though.

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    I've been on a bad luck streak of recently trying out classics other people love and hating all of them. It's been so consistent I'm wondering if maybe I've just lost interest in games.

    Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)
    I've wanted to start this for years, so finally read the manual, read some FAQs on how to build a good starting character, and dived in. And I hate it, intensely. The combat and levelling system makes no sense. Why do I keep levelling up but stuff like Strength and Dexterity never go up, apart from every 4th level where I can add one extra point? WTF is this? Also none of the skills actually improve my ability in combat. I made DEX high because I wanted proficiency in weapons, and it was easy at first, but I've reached the Lower City about 3 hours in and the gangs wipe me out in a couple of seconds of combat time. I have the blaster rifle with the highest stats and good armour, and I'm standing there not hitting anything and taking massive damage. None of the skills are any use either for combat proficiency. Why is demolition a skill?! It's been 3 hours and I've not seen a single mine that needs disabling. Nor computers to hack, outside the tutorial. All these skills have been useless so far. Also all the aliens look the same to the point where I can't tell which NPCs are which (is the vendor in the starting apartment the same vendor selling playing cards in the cantina?!). The whole game is lazilly made - they recycled the environments to the point where it's confusing to navigate. Both city cantinas are IDENTICAL. I realise this is an Xbox game from 2003, but the hutt NPC is sitting in the same place in both cantinas. Couldn't the guy who was placing in-game assets put the 2nd hutt anywhere else in the 2nd cantina? I was tempted to drop the difficulty from Normal to Easy, but meh... I genuinely hate the underlying system here. I'd rather go play Morrowind again, or any other RPG in my back catalogue.

    No One Lives Forever (PC)
    FPS spoof of James Bond, like Austin Powers but with a female lead character. After that recent online article about how the rights for this have been lost so it can never be digitally distributed, I decided to break out my original boxed copy and re-install it, even digging out my old save file. I would finally complete it! Except I quickly realised why I stopped playing it. Boring. So very boring. Just... boring. The AI is also the dumbest I've seen: every level I was able to kill all enemies by standing in a doorway and shooting them as they ran towards the noise. I suppose I could have tried to use stealth properly, but why bother? The game is literally begging you to "doorway kill" every grunt. The levels are also stupidly large, with no signposting or logic to them. Escaping the Oktoberfest lodge was painful - how is anyone supposed to know there is one very specific window, out of around 30 different windows in all the rooms, which you need to open to walk along the outside rim? I quit after reaching the office level with all the cameras because being spotted even once results in instant Game Over. I tried using a guide and video walkthrough for this level, but this crap is just boring. I got about 40 instant game overs in an hour, and decided to abandon this.

    Mafia (PC)
    So much praise for this. I bought it purely because I'd read that reloading your weapon loses all the current ammo in the chamber, which is realistic, and enemies can run out of ammo after shooting at you too much. This is all true. But the game is not as advertised. Instead of being an interesting GTA game set in the old time mafia, it's a really boring driving simulator, using really slow and crappy cars, in a dirty city during one of history's most boring periods (the great depression). Every single foot missions is preceded and followed by driving from one end of the city to the other - the designers deliberately made every single objective take place on opposing sides of the city. Most foot missions were quick, 5 to 10 minutes, whereas the driving to and fro is more like 15 minutes. You can't drive fast and the cars handle as you'd expect from 1930. I'll stick with GTA - this is a clunky, broken mess.

    Shining Force 3 (Saturn)
    A friend raves about this, but I think it's garbage. One of the worst SRPGs I've played. The game does not in any way allow you to see the move order of units, so it's impossible to set up long reaching strategies. You might want to move your tough centaur out front to absorb melee damage while an archer and mage do long range attacks safely behind him, but it's anyone's guess which unit will be allowed to move next, so in all likelihood your mage will end up out in front getting one-hit killed by the enemy. Also there's very little few range attacks, characters can't move very far, and enemies camp until you get close, whereupon they rush you, get the first hit in, and mess up your plans. Also there doesn't seem to be any way to attack an enemy group in a way that allows you to wipe them out cleanly. I've put 30 hours into this ****, but it is time to quit for good. I'd rather play Advance Wars, or Valkyria Chronicles, or Operation Darkness. These are all my kinds of strategy game. For me, a good strategy game allows the player to annihilate the enemy, even if they're more powerful than you, through really good use of strategy and movement. You spend a few turns setting yourself up in the best position, using buffing spells if needed, then on the next turn you swoop in and wipe out every single enemy in a cluster or group, or on the map itself. Prime yourself - then perfect victory. I also prefer SRPGs that allow long-distance control (remotely) of the various map areas. Everything here demands adjacent access. Shining Force 3 has you hobbling along in short movements, scraping away enemy HP slowly right alongside them, taking damage constantly right alongside them, and never at any point being allowed to use any actual strategy! Possibly the least fun SPRG I've played - can anyone recommend any decent ones?

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    More Stunt Race FX and trying to unlock the 2WD.

    On the PSOne: RayStorm, R-Type Delta and Gran Turismo II.


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