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    Some excellent Mega Drive buys right there. Hope you enjoy them.

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    It's been a ton of fun so far. I'm still deciding whether to go through Rocket Knight Adventures or Rolling Thunder 2 next.

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    Rocket Knight is fantastic. Rolling Thunder is tops too.

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    I have Rocket Knight Adventures and Rolling Thunder 2...They both came with the recently bought modded MD.
    I've played RT2 before....but..I've had a quick blast on RKA (3 stages I think) and it was brilliant :-) 1st time I've ever had it..

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    These don't really feel retro to me... not yet. There's something about the jaggy look of MGS on the PS1 that I really love.

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    As a treat for getting my new job (Any excuse) I've been filling in a few gaps in my PAL UK PlayStation collection.

    Managed to get an almost new, boxed, PlayStation Memory Card. I'm stunned by how many knock offs their are on eBay and it made the decision to splash out a bit more on a complete copy far easier. Seeing a boxed copy made me warm inside and took me back to being a kid again, when my Nan brought a new PlayStation for me with Destruction Derby!

    Also put a sneaky, final bid on eBay for Final Doom. I've loved Doom all my life but only played through the Shareware version on PC in god mode before the Xbox 360 ports where I played through the entirety of Doom and Doom II as they were intended. I loved those ports so much I've been thinking about playing some of the official expansions but never got round to it. Final Doom on PlayStation is not perfect and some corners are cut but it's made up for it with a new, ambient soundtrack which makes the game even more spooky and haunting than the original game.

    Because of that change, I was more up for playing a port of the PC Mod and really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

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    The original game isn't remotely haunting. Unless you play on PS1.

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    It certainly was at the time, great ambient lighting, audio and the violence was unprecedented for that era.

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    Not with that nasty midi rock. Turn it off and then certainly.

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    From the praise I've read and the clips I've heard, the new PlayStation music gifts the game a more haunting feel than the original, but Bobby Prince's work was classic!

    This track was one of my favourites and completely different from his work on the E1M1 Opening riff.

    Although a classic soundtrack, for anyone who's unfamiliar with the Doom port, compare the above to this...

    Morbid, terrifying and really foreboding. Almost sounds like some ambient tracks from Resident Evil!


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