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    Quote Originally Posted by ExMosquito View Post
    That was a great price for Bubble Bobble if it wasnít a boot, it goes for crazy money these days doesnít it.
    It was an original and I binned it when it packed up (check my custom rank on arcade otaku)

    I have another original now though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    Yeah I know but Iím a massive whore to the PC Engine!, I think Iím about 28 short of a full set of retail releases. (Hucardís that is)
    Only 28? That's good going!

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    I need to find myself a PC Engine that's been RGB modded. Never owned one before.

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    Bloody hell on the price for the PS1, like 3 weeks ago release in Japan! :wow:
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Picked up a PS2 phat from Cashies for twenty quid, saw it in the window with the network adapter screwed in the back so bought it on a whim as my original 2001 phat don't like discs anymore and my Slim don't like Yakuza 2. Pad was knacked but got an 'extra' in the form of a LOTR: The Two Towers disc left in the drive.

    Plays Yak 2 fine, btw.

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    NA system with UK psu. Not modded but that's fine for now, 95% of my games are US anyway.

    Megaman Legends no longer has the audio sync issues it had on my PAL modded PS2

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    There’s just something really nice about the original PS, I’ll always have great memories of importing my Japanese system on release.

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    Yeah it has a classic look to it, probably my favourite looking (and favourite in general) Sony system really.

    I got mine with Rayman and RE Directors Cut after playing Ridge Racer, Tekken, Crash...etc at friends houses. Didn't own too many games though until my dad got it chipped, then it was off to the neighbours house round the corner or the Colloseum in Manchester to check out the latest lists and discover a ton of new games, genres and import exclusives.

    Link up gaming playing C&C Retaliation with friends as well. Not the most optimal way to play an RTS but damn it was fun.

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    Good job you went with an NA system, a Japanese system cannot boot other regions when chipped.

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    Wasn't aware of that, I was considering picking up a JP unit as well!


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