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    I've been after this for a while, and finally this weekend i managed to secure it. A practically mint Super Neo 29, everything is in amazing condition, i'm doubting whether it's ever been used in an arcade. It's been in private hands for approx the last 15 years as far as i can work out. The only issue is the usual yellowing of the monitor surround which i'll sort out at some point with retrobrite.

    My camera isn't great with low light, but the pics don't do it justice.

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    Nice, Spin Master is a gem of a game, maybe one day I'll have the space to get a arcade cabinet.

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    Awesome. I had one of those about 10 years ago... fantastic, solid cabinet.

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    Superb Jamie, still miss mine and regret selling it, even if sitting at it used to wreck my back! I had to whiten the bezel etc on mine as well, but it turned out beautifully, in my opinion they're the best looking cabs around.

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    That Super Neo 29 is lush. One day...

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    Birthday gift from my good lady -

    All I need now is access to a Windows PC...
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    Birthday gift got ya dancing on the ceiling?

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    Nah I’m really a just a vampire!

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    Talking of vampires, always wanted to play this


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