I gave the Hori stick a go last night and I quite like it. With the stick being small it's easy to shift around to get in a comfy position. I have long fingers so I needed to find a good position that wasn't making my hand cramp.

However, I think it's getting sold. The stick movement is really loud and I don't notice it because I'm playing with headphones on but Ms. Chopemon often reads in the same room and her peaceful silence is broken. It's way louder than my 360 EX2. So if you don't have a noise concern, it seems like a well priced stick for just playing shooters. I play fighting games on a pad so I can't comment on the suitablity for those though.

Wow, that Cave collection must be worth a lot still sealed! I pre ordered Cotton as well and DS2 was one I never got for the 360 so looking forward to that.