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    Bowsers War Machines B416-0000-0041-3E3F

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    Got hold of the classic mario Amiibo so thought I would make a level based on that.
    Haven't seen the big mushroom too much so far.

    2ED2-0000-0042-CFE1 / Big is Beautiful?

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    I made a level! Try it! It is basic, no gimmicks, not too hard. Sorry about the music - if I could change it, I would. Easily one of the worst Mario themes.


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    Goombas Moon Base

    My latest level enjoy

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    Here are my first two levels done on my friends wii u while I was visiting him.

    My levels :
    multiple route mayhem

    Multiple ways to beat the level, many secrets to be found!

    Can you find all 3 secrets?

    Again multiple ways to beat this level, slightly puzzler platformerish with big secrets to be found

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    Air Raid! I like this level. A little bit of a challenge but not frustratingly hard hopefully. A Super Mario World airship level. Give it a go!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    A simple one. Final Lap!

    I love this one.
    I tried to recreate Bowser Castle 1 from the SNES MK but it didn't go too well.

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    I haven't posted in this thread before, but this has taken ages and is probably too long for mass popularity!


    If anyone is into best times, it can be completed in under a minute if you find the shortcut.

    And a for a simpler one...

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