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    Sniper Elite v2 - 360

    If anyone else picked this up in games with gold freebies would like to help me get the MP cheeves that would be appreciated...

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    I'm pretty sure I tried to download it.
    I'll clear some space, download it, install it and see how we get on...

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    DO IT! I don't think it'll take long, but it'll be good to dust off the mic.

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    Have you played through it?
    Will I be at a disadvantage for starting from scratch?

    Oh is it just multiplayer achievements you want, not co-op? Are we going to be taking turns shooting each other?
    Isn't that a little dull when there's so little time and so many games to get through?

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    It's co-op missions.. and it's a easy peasy to play.

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    well- specific co-op mission types. I've not actually found anyone to play one yet.

    Shame you can't do the whole game though - that would have been very cool.

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    I cleared some stuff off (Army of Two: TDC) and re-downloaded it, but it only finished just before bed.
    I'll see if I can get it loaded tonight, @k0pp0.
    I'm really near the end of Deus Ex though, so might push on to get that out the way.

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    I've been thinking about giving this a try. Let me know if you need another player!

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