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Thread: Mary Poppins 2

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    Mary Poppins 2

    No. No it's not an incredibly poorly timed April Fools joke. Apparently Disney's mad dash to adapt anything and everything it can into a higher and higher volume of live action films now extends to even it's own live action catalogue and the studio is setting about work on a sequel to the Julie Andrews classic.

    The new film will once again return to the home of the Banks family, only this time twenty years after the events of the original film. The team developing the film is the one behind recent musical Disney film, Into the Woods.

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    I actually let out a burst of laughter in my office when I saw this thread title. I love that they're setting it 20 years later, like a lot of too-late-sequels do, to account for the ageing of the stars. Except the original Mary Poppins was 51 years ago, not 20! I'm amazed to learn that Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke still aren't dead yet though. Are they going to be in it? I can only assume they will have contracted some super-ageing disease in the story, to account for their massive age increase over just 20 years.

    Please stop all this bollocks, Hollywood, it's getting desperate and pathetic. We love you and we want what's best for you. (We don't, we hate you).

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    I do believe this thread is the perfect place to leave this...


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    Now that's more like it. A Weird Al movie is a much better idea than a magical babysitter.

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    Be interested to see how Disney work this one out.

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    First teaser

    Opens well but as it goes on its drifts into a more modernised look and started to lose me

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    Mary Poppins 2: Poppin' a Cap in Your Ass

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    MARY POPP-THE-GLOCK-INS starring Emily BluntZ

    A toke of weed helps the medicine go down, B***H

    CHOKE ON IT YOU M************


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    Reminds me of this (Radio clip)

    Zombie Poppins


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