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    @usman that's quite the write up can't say I know much about sales these days. I never really listened to Namie, my brother was a fan but he just fancied her tbh... I remeber queen of hip pop being quite catchy and made me check out play.

    It's all about Hikaru at the end of the day anyway. Someone just needs to tell her it's time to put down that baby and pick up the mic.

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    Just did a speed test on my LTE in Shibuya.



    Also, I got my iPhone replaced. The replacement has iOS 8.4 so I can jailbreak it
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    Watching a guy I know who has acted like a total dick for the last couple of years brown-nosing a games PR person in the vain hope of getting a job. (Bonus points: he's a fairly bad games journalist too.)

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    Just got myself a Christmas jumper!
    There's even a print on the back of a gun held on with Season's Greetings tape.

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    Works night out last night. No hassles at all, no real hangover, big hot bath running right now and nothing to do all afty.

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    My son and his friend have been doing speed runs on Mirror's Edge. "OMG did you see that?! I slid along the floor and kicked his shins while punching him in the balls. Best game ever"

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    I want that jumper, QC.
    Limited to 150!
    Welcome to the party, pal!

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