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    Terrible start to my day but I got to go Eurogamer thanks to @QualityChimp and I used bespoke offers today and got Gears of War UE and a Xbone controller for ?48!

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    Glad my ticket could be used and you had a great time, sir!

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    Rakuten credit card approved.

    Apparently the Rakuten card is easy to get but I'm still waiting for Japan to deny me something.

    Maybe I'll apply for permanent residence just to see.

    I wouldn't have bothered but I need it to sign up with the cheap mobile companies.

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    Just get married instead, much easier. Paperwork only takes 15 mins or so, get two witnesses and bingo.

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    I'm only joking. I don't want to apply for that. But yeah that's the plan. I've heard you get the third degree but who knows.

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    Being married doesn't spare you from the sporadic visa renewals (and corresponding 4000 yen charges) however.

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    Haha I read that as 40000Y first

    How sporadic? More often than five years? My next renewal is in 2019.

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    I am waiting for my next one right now, the last one was three years duration and I think that was before they introduced the five year period, so hopefully I'll get that this time. It's all on the whim of the clerk that processes your application though. Permanent residents don't have that to deal with.

    I was on a three year work visa when I got married, they shifted me to a one year spouse visa that expired before my original one would have. Claimed they wanted to see if the marriage would last.

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    50mb Broadband installed today after several weeks of leeching the neighbour's weak wifi

    I Installed a new electric shower to replace the one that was in situ, it's like a monsoon by comparsion. I feel pretty satisfied I managed to do it.

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    What one did you get? Mine is crap, very weedy.


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