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    Ahh, nice.

    Putting its psychedelic properties aside, you gotta admit it's a lovely looking mushroom. The shape, the colour; it's straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

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    Weeeeeeell, there were better things found on that hike today. Including this beauty randomly carved from a dead tree in the woods.

    View from up top wasn't bad either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Went hiking today and came across hundreds of these, which I would never have known what they are until the other day. @Zen Monkey would've lost his mind. Literally.

    Couldn't you post them to him?

    Oh yeah that eagle looks amazing. I wish I came across something like that randomly.

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    My mate came back from a bike ride brandishing one of those beauties once. He was quite into his mountain biking when we weren’t up the woods for other more nafarious free-party based reasons...

    You get loads of wild mushrooms growing around here, small ones all over the grass verges by the path and in random grassy patches. If you venture into the woods you can find some cracking puff-balls and other much bigger mushrooms and toadstools. The kids have always been quite fascinated by them so it’s nice to go for a walk in t woods and see what we can see.

    This was from August last year.
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