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    That anime art is really nice, concept reminded me of an artist, Andrew Scaife, who took TV shows and made art with them as point n click adventures. Every single one of them I would play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Some of those are fantastic!
    Yeah, they are. I'd give anything to watch JP and Robocop in this form, or just about all of them.

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    What's the purple dude with "OBEY" behind him?

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    Just come off fours hours of overtime, free taxi home if you do a +4 that ends in the wee small hours which is nice but nowt spesh until the taxi turned up early and I found a pound coin on the taxi floor. Brucie Bonus.

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    Long weekend with the lady in London coming up!

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    Long weekend without the lady in London coming up!

    I can finally play some games

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    Also, Puma is coming back, they are making some very cool-looking trainers right now, time for the other Dassler brother to shine again, Adidas are getting a bit boring, it's all making me smile, Hybrid Rocket looks niiiiiiice.

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    Eight years after its collapse, there is literally one little Blockbuster Video store still out there fighting the good fight


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