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    Little Things That Irk You VI: The Rage Awakens

    Ready and waiting for the evil's of the world, here is the sixth Irk thread. Like the Book of the Dead, ready to unleash personal demons onto a small cabin in the woods.

    It's an irk in itself that it remains easier to think of things for this thread than it is for the Smiles one.

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    I'm irked that it takes 3 positive thoughts to cancel out 1 negative thought. Seriously, that's messed up. It's like we are hardwired to be self-destructive.

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    Pre-ordered the silent hill figmas ages ago and goodsmile wouldn't cancel them when asked. I completely forgot about them now and just got charged

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    But we still have 39 posts left in the other one!

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    In Bordersdown threads irk you.

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    Outside of this thread, no one can hear you irk

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    Post in this thread if you want to irk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    Post in this thread if you want to irk.
    Post in this thread if you want twerk?

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    Bunch of cowboy wankers!!


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