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    Realising that an album I pre-ordered the CD of is available digitally already. Slightly placated by this also meaning I can download a copy via Amazon's cloud music service, but re-irked about not realising this sooner.

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    Shouldn't "The Rage Awakens" be the title of thread/episode VII?

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    Irk, I am your thread.

    (OK, I'll stop.)
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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    Not the bit surrounding our sun, though.

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    The fact that I have probably read all six irk threads back to front over the past few years :l

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    Mum passed away this morning after a brief struggle and rapid decline from cancer.

    I feel utterly lost.

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    I'm sorry for your loss @tomato

    There isn't much I can say, but both myself and others have been through the same thing, you aren't alone if you need to talk.


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