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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    They are ok on decent sized cars, but on 4x4 and all those little cross-overs with the lights up high, they are too high up and although they have the same "throw" for MOT, when they are up your bumper, they lights just come straight in. Even on my slammed Forester, I think it's too bright - I keep an extra distance behind other cars at night so as not to annoy them.

    My irk: The fascination with being high up in cars. People feel safe, but that's only because it feels slower the higher you go, so they end up driving faster. Witness all the 2.5 tonne 4x4 tanking around like they can stop on a sixpence. Not because they are that dumb, but just because they have been lulled into a false sense of security by the height.
    Seen a lot of wannabe bruisers in the boozer fall into that same trap till they get their chin tapped. Night night!

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    Uh God been off all week with a bad cold with a very tickly cough, supposed to be back work Friday and got two nights in Whitby next week but I've only gone and put my bloody lower back out coughing. And tickly cough still there (if not as bad) so it feels like I got Mr Driller in my spine every time I try to hack some phlegm up. Nice.

    I'm certain I've been cursed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    I don't really know what caused the halogen trend. They don't really make much difference in terms of visibility, they just emit a white light instead of off white whilst blinding other road users.
    Difference between the lights on my old Impreza and the HIDs in my Forester is Night and Day badum tish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Difference between the lights on my old Impreza and the HIDs in my Forester is Night and Day badum tish!
    You spoil us Charles First the blind man joke, then this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Halogen headlights, ban them
    In the last 2 1/2 years I've racked up 67,000 miles in my car for work and halogen headlights are up there with not indicating at roundabouts or not understanding lane priorities for me in terms of wanting me to slap somebody.

    The driver always seems to think you want their lights to help you see where you're going so they drive on your bumper.

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    Ordered the "Spicy Chicken" from Kokoro which I believe was the first dish I ever got from them nearly 2 years ago.

    Its absolutely saturated with sauce (cannot see the japanese rice in it at all), loads of soggy and hard thick bits of lettuce and almost too spicy to eat.

    I was really hungry but I can hardly eat this monstrosity
    Love their other food but this is pretty much in-edable.

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    Missing that Tesco offer for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition at £8

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    Jesus. I'd buy that even though I don't have a PS4.

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    Really narked watching YouTube, at least four of the vids have had an ad for the 'IGN Box', presented by this really annoying woman waxing lyrical over absolute cack, using words like 'nifty' and 'swag'.

    For £25 you can have three pairs of 100% nylon Sonic socks, a crap Mario '?' block mug that'll hold a very small cup of tea, a Black Panther keyring that looks like a random trinket, a small piece of tin with words on somehow linked to Game Of Thrones and a t-shirt with crap on the front and 'IGN' on the back.

    So say there's twelve months in a year, that's 12 times 25, that's £300 a year on this shoit. What IDIOTS would buy this rubbish??!!! I know there are some decent ones out there but the bigger ones really are cynical, just pure crap, goddammit a piece of TIN???

    It'd be amusing if someone stockpiled an entire year's worth of these things, emptied it all into a pile at the end of the year and sifted through it to see if it all justified that big £300 chunk of wonga.

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    Yeah, I find these monthly subscription boxes bonkers... you’re essentially paying for the sort of marketing crap that’s given away free at trade shows and conventions. God only knows what people actually do with all this **** month after month stacking up.


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