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Thread: Psychonauts 2

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    Psychonauts 2

    Yes, it is real.

    Being put together via crowdfunding on the website Fig, Double Fine is planning a sequel to the PS2/MXB era platformer, this time for PC/PS4/XBO

    $10 will get you a digital copy and your name in the credits

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    For some reason I missed the first installment of this game and have a feeling it was more than decent. Something to do with the bloke who made lucasarts games, correct?

    Did it get ported to any handhelds or native on Mac as I may give it a spin.

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    Between recent events like the begging for more money to finish Broken Age, dropping Spacebase and the lack of content in massive chalice, Double Fine seem to get an unearned pass for alot of their one note, technically poor titles.

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    Yeah them and budgets do not go hand in hand.

    I did see on the fig website though that tim is actually part of the advisory team for Fig though, which would explain why he did not go to Kickstarter again

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    I so want this to be good. The first is such a gem.


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