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Thread: System Shock 3

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    System Shock 3

    Looks like Otherside, the devs of the crowdfunded Underworld Ascendant, are set to unviel plans for a third System Shock entry. The investigatory efforts of EG lean towards another crowdfunded effort so there's unlikely to be much to see for a long while in terms of actual game.

    The year of the revival continues

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    As an aside to the in development SS3, developer Night Dive Studios has revealed the first gameplay footage of the System Shock 1 Remake:

    The aim of the remake is to update the UI and graphics but leave the original gameplay intact.

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    The remake has been put on hold after the project started to lose its way

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    Lets hope they restart this after their break is over. If this doesn't get sorted this will be another nail in the kick starter coffin. Sad really I was hoping we might see a remake of the second game at some point still remains by top horror game of all time.

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    Quite like the look of this. Not sure how close it is to finished; it looks a little unpolished, but I do like the body-horror style.

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