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    Stage Select is in the Option menu (for some strange reason) everything you unlock must be first activated in the Game Config (or something similar).

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    This certainly piqued my interest though having studied the videos it looks like a flash game, so bad. What's with the wierd angle boxes sit on the landscape

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    Ahh okay, so you go into options, config then game config and set everything there.
    I read game config as the title of the screen not an option.

    Finished classic mode last night and hit rank 30. Started arcade mode on hard, this seems to be better IMO. The main difference I've noticed is that then you take damage your health goes down but also the maximum amount goes down too. So you get the health regen but you don't go back to 100%. This seems like a better system to me and probably been default.

    I would suggest to new players they start on hard as I think it becomes quite easy after a session or 2.

    Baseley, don't let the graphics put you off, the gameplay is solid. I don't mind them personally, I think quite a few high rez 2d games start to look like flash games.

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    Just got the Platinum, which is basically the mastery list.
    Don't really go for these types of things any more and had no intention of going for it but just enjoyed playing the game.

    Some nice trophies to go for, make you think about the game differently.

    Got to rank 38 and still have 5 things to unlock on the config list...43 seems to be an unusual rank to finish on though. Doubt I'll carry on for the remaining ranks, it's probably another couple of playthroughs to get enough points, which I'm not sure I can be bothered with.

    Main gripe I have with the game is the balance, it needed some work. Other than that I really enjoyed it, still think I prefer Gunhound though.

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    I'm stuck on the Stage 6 Boss in it's final form. When I 'Continue' Arcade mode from the main screen it continues a short while before the Boss, not the start of the stage like it did previously for other stages. This prevents me from selecting better/different weapons at the start of the stage.

    Do I need to start over from the very beginning and make better weapon choices at the start of Stage 6? I already accidently hit Classic mode in the options menu resetting my Arcade mode game.

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    Not as far I I know. Yea, it's super annoying.
    It is very possible to dig yourself into a hole that is very difficult to get out of. I can say that all the bosses are possible with the default setup once you learn them. If you've dug yourself deeper and have NO resources available you'll have to start again.

    The game is designed to be played multiple times though. I probably finished the game 10+ times in all.
    I had this happen to me once.

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    I restarted and this time made sure I had a MGL and fried him


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