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    Tomb Raider 2013 (Xbox One)
    Ridge Racer (PS1)

    Return of Double Dragon (SFC)
    Suikoden II (PS1)
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    Ori and the blind Forest
    Shadows of Mordor

    To Do:

    Metro Redux
    Xbox 360 backlog of games that I can't remember the names of.
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    MGS 5
    Yoshi's Woolly World

    In progress: Project Zero 5

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    Let's see if I can keep up this pace!

    02/01 - Snatcher
    04/01 - Shovel Knight
    10/01 - Until Dawn
    17/01 - Dragon Quest Heroes
    18/01 - Undertale
    23/01 - Grim Fandango Remastered
    25/01 - Life is Strange
    02/02 - Punch-Out!
    04/02 - D4 (Season 1)
    08/02 - Policenauts
    13/02 - Crypt of the Necrodancer
    13/02 - Firewatch
    15/02 - Bloodborne (& The Old Hunters)

    In Progress:
    Xenoblade Chronicles X
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    January 2016

    -Alan Wake
    -D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
    -Forza Horizon 2: 360 Edition
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
    -Guardian Heroes
    -Crazy Cars Hit the Road
    -Ben and Ed
    -Rainbow Six: Siege
    -Battlefield 4

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    31/01 MD Battle Mania: Daiginjou

    Really neat shooter. Awesome graphics and both original and funny bosses. One of them has at some point in his transformation a banner with a bell attached to it hanging from his crotch. The banner says 'hit me' and you have to shoot the bell underneath. Only in Japan...

    Only bad thing I can think about are the cheap deaths. Never lose track of the blonde chick -main character- you're playing with. It's a scrolling shooter, and if you don't keep up and get squashed between the border of the screen and the level you lose a credit and all the lives you had in it. At one point I had 24 lives and lost all of them at once because I was too focussed on the second girl and lost track of the main character...

    Still, don't let that keep you from playing this gem. You'll learn how to avoid the squashy squashy over time...

    05/02 GEN Captain America and the Avengers (co-op)

    Both on our last life with very little energy left, but both still standing after we killed Red Skull. Took us 3 nightly sessions to get to this point, but ending it the way we did, it was worth it... ^^

    At first I wasn't too fond of the game. Very simple controls, graphics nothing out of the ordinary, forgettable music. Yet, the more we played it, the more I got into it. Maybe just because we got better at it, or maybe it was the unintentionally funny stuff like 'Vision' sounding like 'Pigeon' in the Genesis conversion that got to me. I dunno...

    21/02 GEN The Adventures of Batman and Robin

    This one started out as a co-op game, but I ended up finishing it on my own because without proper training - read: hours of playing, cursing and getting better - the game is near impossible to finish. And since I'm the retro gamer with all the gear, and my friends just convenient 2-player victims hopping in, I didn't want to pain them with this experience... lol

    The game is totally worth it though. Graphics are about the best I've ever seen on a Genesis game. It's clear from the start that this game was made by people related to the Amiga demo scene. Lots of neat graphical tricks and effects. Kyd Jesper also did a phenomenal job on the music. A dark and pumping techno soundtrack. If you like those dark industrial sounds you should definitely check this one out...

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    Slower month in Feb with so much going on:

    -Alien Isolation
    -Enemy Front

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    31/01 MD Battle Mania: Daiginjou

    05/02 GEN Captain America and the Avengers (co-op)

    21/02 GEN The Adventures of Batman and Robin

    23/02 GEN CAL .50

    This was a welcome change of pace after The Adventures of Batman and Robin. Caliber .50 is a simple run-'n-gun arcade game conversion. It's a bit of a weird one though. There's no explanation whatsoever as to who you're actually fighting. The enemies look like suicide terrorist farmers - straw hat included - and safari explorers. And the bosses are no better. Giant skull throwing monkeys and a tractor, just to name a few. So I didn't try to make sense of it all. Just worked my way through the enemies, tried not to lose the big flamethrower, unloaded all my bombs and continues on the final boss, and called it a day...

    The game did give the ball of my thumb a good workout with all this turning though... lol

    Also, check out the neat music in the desert stage. Start the clip at 9:46 for a sample...

    27/02 GEN Mercs

    Finished this run-'n-gun granddaddy both on arcade and original mode with normal settings.

    It's nice to see how much extra depth they put in the game with the added original mode. Lots of extra features that make you think more strategically with distributable points for extra health, extra defense, a life-bar upgrade, speed, and even a few hints. And since every soldier has his own weapon and specs, it's best to distribute them wisely. Only downside is the lack of a 2 or even 3-player mode. Probably would've slowed the game down too much. So yeah, I might revisit it on PS2 one day, since afaik that version does have a 3-player option...

    Funny detail. The first level on original mode really looks like a 16-bit version of Far Cry...

    04/03 GEN Castlevania: Bloodlines

    Finished with John Morris on normal.

    Growing up as a kid during the SEGA vs Nintendo era I had always been more of a Nintendo fan. So this one was still new for me. It's definitely not a bad game, but as far as 16-bit iterations go, I still prefer Castlevania IV. Nintendo has always had more of a classic(al) vibe where SEGA was the wild party animal, and in the case of Castlevania I find classic(al) just works better. Where Castlevania IV has IMO one of the best soundtracks in videogames, I found the music in Bloodlines quite forgettable. Same with the levels. While they are nice, the scenery just changes too fast making it harder to suck up the atmosphere. Bloodlines felt more like a whole bunch of mini levels tacked together than an atmospheric journey to the Prince of Evil's hideout. The final boss didn't help in that department either. Why on Earth did Dracula morph into Death before turning into a monster!? That just makes no sense...

    At least I played the Genesis version, and not the censored Mega Drive one. The zombies in the first stage look much more sweetly disgusting, and the blood and crosses are still there adding to the already gimped atmosphere...

    Lastly, the cheap deaths. Again, maybe it's just me being a bit too harsh, but the cheap deaths in Bloodlines annoyed me more than in any other Castlevania I've ever played...

    So yeah, glad I played it, but I don't think I'll go for that second run on hard...

    Here's a really nice very skilled playthrough with Eric Lecarde. After having played through the game myself I really enjoyed watching this one...


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