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    Quote Originally Posted by buster_broon View Post
    Yes please

    If you managed to get one I would be a teddy groupy for life lol
    Price range?

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    Upto around ?70 but the cheaper the better, I sold mine on the forum for ?28 so if you could get it for that price I would be in awe

    Thanks for even using your time to have a look
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    January total: ?604.80


    Venom PS4 stick: ?69.99
    Sanwa parts: ?36.88

    Total: 106.87

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    BOUGHT: ?120 (3 games on PS4, SF's JXD as I broke mine)

    SOLD: ?3105

    TOTAL: +?2985
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    Bought a giant Yoshi amiibo for ?12 today in Yodobashi Akiba (half what they were going for a few days ago). Should have bought a couple but the guy behind me snaffled the other 5.

    He got in front of me in the queue and the cashier did not look impressed.

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    February Total - ?36.50

    Nice that it came in much lower than January. Brings me right back on track for a record low year. Biggest risks for spending in March look to be Trackmania and Killer Instinct Season 3 so possibly looking at March being around the same figure.

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    January total
    Sold ?2100
    Bought ?141

    Sold ?1080
    Bought ?745

    Sales: ?0
    Bought: mostly PS1 stuff ?125

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    BOUGHT: ?120 (3 games on PS4, SF's JXD as I broke mine)

    SOLD: ?3105

    TOTAL: +?2985
    February finished as above, still have a few bits to sell, but no purchases on the horizon as far as I can see! (I suspect until Uncharted 4)


    SOLD: ?3245

    TOTAL: +?3125

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