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    Your Gaming Spend - Edition 2016

    OK, so I didn't see Superman Falls had started a 2016 Gaming Spend thread and created another one.
    Then I started a new one.
    Then ETC pointed out the repetition.
    So I merged the threads.
    Then deleted the superfluous one.
    Turns out, I deleted both threads.

    So, sorry everybody, I broke it and here's the new one!

    Supes said:
    "It's the tipping point between two years and 2016 looks set to deliver a slew of titles as the current gen gets fully into stride and long delayed titles all start to hit in a wave.

    That means there's a whole other year of risks to our wallets again.

    The new YGS thread is here for you to keep track of your gaming expenditure shame.

    Are you expecting to spend lots in the new year? "
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    Sadat's post was really long and probably took ages to write, sorry!

    "Another year! Tracking spending, both on games and other things, has definitely changed the way in which I arrange my finances.

    2011: ?680
    2012: ?597
    2013: ?403
    2014: ?316
    2015: ?544

    And has led me to some interesting stuff out there, on how by setting some long-term goals and minimising the crap purchasing decisions might lead to a better life:

    On that note,

    JANUARY - ?55
    ?6 Hotline Miami 2 [PS4]
    ?7 Murdered [PS4]
    ?9 Tomb Raider [PS4]
    ?16 Transformers [PS4]
    ?17 Sniper Elite 3 [PS4]

    ...there goes the budget. Who needs new year resolutions anyway?"

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    @ETC said:
    "I'm in again. Same goal as last year. Less games, more playtime."

    @shaffy_oppa said:
    Last year I dropped off around July I think and forgot to keep track. Will try once again."

    @teddymeow said:
    I did buy less last year compared to 2014 but gave up tracking.
    I'll start again this year...Might get to March before I forget to return.
    Kyoto Rail Journey Simply (3DS) - ?1"

    @chojin said:
    Ambassador Edition New 3DS ?180
    Twilight Princess Wii U ?41.95 (pre-order)
    Super Famicom Box Art Collection ?49.99
    Will Overton signed poster with the above ?29.99
    Total: ?301.93"

    @Superman Falls said:
    For me, 2015 was the first time I've managed to wrestle spending below the ?1k mark and I'm hoping to drive it down again by increasing my reliance on the PC for new releases, holding off more on new releases till sales start and clearing a hole into my 600+ title backlogue."

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    I ended up waaaay in the black last year after working a few really big deals, don't think I'll be doing much of that this year though. This might be the first year I can actually see what my spend is without the wheeler dealer stuff so may be interesting.

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    2015 Total ?437.37 (
    Monthly average approx. ?36.50

    This is the 'Year of the GOTY', for me. No more buying unfinished/DLC-laden games on day one, for on that path lies madness.

    ?39.99 PSN 12 month subscription
    ?32.99 Yakuza 5

    ?32.65 Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

    Running Total
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    January +?24.90

    February +?72.00

    AC Syndicate
    AC 4

    [2016 - Sold/Traded in games = 12]
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    I went crazy in 2015. 2016 will be a selling year for me. Trying to keep it minimum so 0 so far and hope it stays that way for a long while.

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    I make no promises either way. I basically gave up tracking in September so haven't looked at what I spent on Amiibo in the last 3 months...

    January $88.16
    Badge Centre [JPN 3DS] $2.22
    PSN Credit $5
    Sin and Punishment [WiiU VC] $8.81
    Gunman Clive 2 [3DS] $2.09
    Ryuu ga Gotoku: Kiwami $70.04
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    I ended up a little in profit last year, mainly thanks to selling the PS4.

    Expecting much less wallet damage now than in previous years, unless I take the VR plunge.

    [Android] Moon Cresta ?1
    [3DS] Bike Runner DX 2 ?2
    [Wii U] Used Basic + MK8 ?155

    Xbox One + games ?210

    ?52 in credit.
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    I'm on a slippery slope...


    Ambassador Edition New 3DS ?180

    Twilight Princess Wii U ?41.95 (pre-order)
    Super Famicom Box Art Collection ?49.99 (pre-order)
    Will Overton signed poster with the above ?29.99
    PS4 ?270
    Street Fighter V Steelbook Edition ?42.99 (pre-order)

    Total: ?614.92
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