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    iPhone 5S 16GB - Sold

    I can only take a Bank Transfer for payment, delivery to UK only and the price includes 1st class signed for delivery. Thanks for looking!


    iPhone 5S 16 GB (Space Grey) Unlocked - ?158.99
    The phone is in great condition (No scratches on the glass) with just a small knock on one of the corners. Also included is the official Apple black leather case, it has some marks to it but no real wear and is in good condition.

    Box is also included but only contains the iPhone 5S, does not include headphones or Lightening Cable.
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    It is 16 or 32gb bud?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Escape-To-88 View Post
    It is 16 or 32gb bud?
    It's a 16GB model.

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    Pity it's locked, I might have considered it.
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    Added photos after a few people have asked for them.

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    I had the iPhone 5S for sale a few weeks ago as a Orange / EE locked phone for ?150 and loads of interest from people but only if it was unlocked.

    I paid Orange / EE to unlock it, got the text through this week and have just tested it here at work with a work mates Three Sim and was able to get a signal and send a text message with no issues. So, I guess it's unlocked! Price has now slightly increased but only the exact price I paid to unlock it.

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    Interested. Can I see the pic of the knock in one of the corner? By the way is the price shipped? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaytimeDreamer View Post
    Interested. Can I see the pic of the knock in one of the corner? By the way is the price shipped? Thanks
    Sure, I'll take a photo when I can and send it across. Yes, the price does include 1st class signed for delivery to the UK.

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    Yeah, likewise, some closer photos appreciated
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    @DaytimeDreamer & @Mayhem here be some shots. Sorry for the focus on them but my iPhone 6 found it impossible to pull focus on the side edges of the iPhone 5s!

    The knock is to the left of the black line in the photo below. It's hard to notice but I notice things like that and thought I'll mention.

    And a few little marks here, once again tiny but I thought I'll mention.


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