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    Like Mr Importaku says, only if sold and shipped by Amazon themselves. Otherwise no.
    Although they won't ship Starfox Zero, and I can't figure out a reason why.

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    Games involving any line of development by Platinum are considered pornography.

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    I guess is the way to go still.

    What are the shipping rates via internationally? And then customs...

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    So, the BankQuest is "Sold by So Select and Fulfilled by Amazon." Does that mean I'm good?

    Oh crap, just read an earlier post. No, I'm not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    Games involving any line of development by Platinum are considered pornography.
    I would have thought anything Senran Kagura-related for sure.

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    Just paid ?16.73 for a New 3DS Hori TPU cover and New 3DS Hori carry case posted.

    Was looking at these on eBay and the two together would have cost me around ?24 there. Seems like a good service!

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    So is there only the one shipping option? Even though I'm saving money, I don't like paying 566 yen for an item, then 1200 for the shipping.

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    Wow, my order arrived this morning via DHL. Awesome service.

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    Thinking about getting a VITA from Amazon Japan ; do we normally get slugged with customs/import duties? Can you use your existing prime account I take it?

    Sorry if very dumb questions.

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    You want to get that from Japan just for the sake of it or you can't find one over here? Vitas are region-free, although limited to one account at a time (IIRC).


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