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    Massive Fail. Really sorry. Please read

    Forum reset to March 2016. 2017 was a rubbish year anyway.

    Short: Server update for Meltdown issue caused server to crash and mess up the database. All of the backups back to 18th Dec had corruption in the forum post table, so they wouldn't restore.
    I found an old backup on a spare drive in my PC. I can't really use the word "fortunately", but you get the idea.

    I was literally crying earlier because I thought I had lost it all.

    Note: I will have to go through all the emails and put back the blueroom subs. If you aren't blue by say, next weekend, and think you should be, please message me.

    Sorry X infinity.

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    Not sure what the learning is to be had here apart from test backups more often. It wasn't lack of backups. It was backups failing.

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    On the plus side, it seems to be running a lot quicker than it was.

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    We lost the first year of Trumps Presidency!
    Charlesr... travelling through time putting right what once went wrong

    It's going to be so weird seeing where the posts are at.

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    21 months of our internet lives gone in an instant.

    Mental to think of all that data gone.

    Better start making some threads.

    @Superman Falls best get on with retyping all the CU threads!!

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    Try not to let it get to you Charles noone is blaming you - bad things happen from time to time, when the site went down I was wondering if the cause was you trying to rename me!

    Glad it's back though.

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    Already starting the CU thread revivals

    Stuff like Retrospective 1-20 are definitely gone etc but I'll restore what I can. We lost so much of the America thread, at this rate I woudl have probably called the second one America II: Blackest Night
    I remember the FOTY results, but GOTY is gone for the most part.

    Still, time to have a look through what's resurfaced and some fresh threads!

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    Donít be sorry Charlesr, Destiny 1 is now back and D2 hasnít been released to disappoint me.

    And my avatar has his camera back


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