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    So he did. Weird, it came up on my BBC news page today.

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    Lewis Gilbert, director of Alfie and three Bond movies including The Spy Who Loved Me, has died aged 97

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    Missed the Kevin Smith story - and reading his Instagram post, there’s something....uplifting about what he writes. “I don’t want my life to end but, if it does, I can’t complain. It’s been a gift.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastyy View Post
    One of my fav comedians Ken dodd
    Aye, RIP Ken.

    If you can't have a chuckle at these then you don't have a pulse;

    No 2 and 5 - bloody great.

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    Loved that man, I never got to see him live.

    I have seen his lovely Statue in Liverpool Lime Street Station a few times though.

    So much joy and fun in one person, he had to spread it out to everyone, and we were lucky to have him.

    RIP Doddy.


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