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    I could believe that Harley could sell a movie given the response and success Suicide Squad and the character enjoyed last time, at the moment I'm cautious because the teaser and trailer don't entirely feel spot on - something isn't clicking the same. That being said, I don't think the film looks great in that first trailer but I expect it'll be a Shazam level hit at least because its budget is supposed to be something like $75m which should be an easy target to hit

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    The Suicide Squad 2 team assembles:

    Whilst Warners have released the first proper trailer for Birds of Prey:

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    I'm not going to see that film unless some miracle of word of mouth tells me it is absolutely amazing but, to their credit, at least it looks a bit different and the posters are actually pretty cool.

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    All I really know is that it's testing a new corner of the DCU again by being an R-Rated low budget entry, likely why there's so much emphasis on Harley as if they can sell the appeal on her like they did last time they'll open up an avenue to films that make less than Marvel but are potentially more profitable via multiplier and easier to mark apart.

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    I liked her design in suicide squad (probably the best part of the film) , but in this she looks a bit meh. Even her hair looks more bland.

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    She definitely feels... I dunno, a continuation of the Suicide Squad appearance for sure but visually toned down. Makes sense in terms of giving her a less sexualised appearance but also doesn't really scream Harley Quinn either.

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    Black Adam will start filming July 2020, it remains to be seen if this will connect at all to Shazam or leave it till a later film.


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