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    I'd maybe even get Tim Burton back, just keep him on a leash.

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    From the director of the really bad Planet of the Apes.

    No, wait. From the director of that Willy Wonka remake.

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    From the director of uncountable awful films of the last decade (probably longer)

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    I know the wealth of Cinematic Universes has often irked DT but one thought that crossed my mind today... from late this year/2022 the term actually ends. Soon we'll be transforming to:

    The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse (MCM)
    The DC Cinematic Multiverse (DCM)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    rumour is Keaton is sticking around too
    I'm right up for some of that. Best Batman ever.

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    The surprisingly good DC Fandome Virtual Event will be returning on 16 October with lots of new DC movie, series, games and comics news
    Whilst Michael B Jordan shoots down any involvement in the rumoured black Superman movie in the works by JJ Abrams

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    Over thirty years ago Tim Burton filmed outside Knebworth House using it as the exterior for Batman's Wayne Manor. Now, the crew of The Flash are at Burghley House that looks a lot like Knebworth presumably there to film the new scenes for Keaton.

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    New information about the Black Superman movie seems to suggest it's a few years off and will certainly end up as a DC Elsewhere movie like The Batman and Joker. There's no mention in the link but on Era it was also mentioned there's some studio chatter on if it should be period set in the 1800's.

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    Robbie confirms she's pushing for a Harley & Ivy movie but presumably it's a hard sell after Birds of Prey stumbled


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