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    Feige has confirmed that Marvel are going to release Doctor Strange 2

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    After the solo entry and his turn in Infinity War, Marvel would be daft to not capitalise on that. Bring it on.
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    With the Disney/Fox merger now very close to being locked down Feige has once gain been asked about the X-Men and (for some reason) Fantastic Four. He says that until everything is 100% confirmed they still don't want to particularly consider anything too much but they do have some ideas. The plus is that this seems to confirm that the X-Men are MCU bound though at this point you have to assume we're looking at Phase 5 which is 2024 and beyond.

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    I'm a big Xmen comic fan and as much as I enjoy the films I think xmen is due a reboot. I think the films lack a sense of teamwork surrounding the xmen and personal conflict about 'being different'.

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    Marvel have shuffled a few 2019-2022 MCU release dates and added another film into the slot cementing their 3 per year new rota. It's still unknown if the schedule includes Sony's Spider-Man entries which are hitting every other year so there could be more to add I'd imagine.

    It seems pretty certain that movie 25 will be Guardians 3

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    Disney is so successful that it's $71m stocks and cash bid to merge with Fox is already up in value to $90m.

    Nabbed this via Era as well, an infograph of what the Disney Empire would look like:

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    Word is that director Cate Shortland will helm the Black Widow movie which will...

    Be set around 5 years before the events of The Avengers, in the mid-2000's

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    New image of Venom released

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    Feige says that Avengers 4 will offer a definitive ending to the overall arc started with the original Iron Man

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    Comcast have formally bowed out of the bidding for Fox. This means that it's 99% locked that Disney will merge with Fox instead and that the X-Men are coming to the MCU


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