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Thread: Indiana Jones 5

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    Indiana Jones 5

    Lucas says that a story has been decided on and that a treasure just needs choosing that fits and then the film can move forward. I think it's safe to say that any ideas there once where of making a new trilogy have gone out of the window given how much pratting about Lucas does with these and that this will be the final installment.

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    Nice to know I'll have something to catch some of on telly in a few years time.

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    I think given the rate at which number 5 has been moving, a 6th Indiana Jones film would be pretty much a no, unless the unthinkable happened and a new actor took the lead role.

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    He's gonna die in it this will be the last film ?

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    Can't imagine Lucas will do that as he's so attached to those Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and, if I remember correctly, there was an episode (or some episodes) where Indy was a very old man in them. Even older than Harrison Ford.

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    I hope he's going to go some way to make up for pile of festering ****e that crystal skull was. (But I know those hopes are in vain)

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    Indy is dead to me now. I'd rather a 3 hour Jar Jar Binks monologue than watch Crystal Skull again.

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    I'm not gonna get all rmoxon about it but I sincerely don't think Crystal Skull was as execrable as it's being made out to be, I caught bits of it on TV a few months back and was surprised to find me enjoying it for its simplicity, despite it not really bowling me over at the cinema back in '08 (and even then, I didn't hate it, it could've been far worse than it was). I mean, both Temple Of Doom and Last Crusade look pretty **** n' flimsy compared to the masterpiece that is Raiders, plus I never got on with Last Crusade, casting Sean Connery was a move almost as desperate as ****a Laboeuf's presence in IJATLOTCS.

    Indy needs to battle some vast Masonic, demonic cult, or Satan himself. Or Baal. Summat big and evil.

    Anyway, in my view, the best Indy film of recent years has been Hellboy, we really need another Hellboy!

    Quote Originally Posted by megatron View Post
    Jackie Chan to play older Short Round?
    No! Burt Kwouk!!!

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    Completely agree with that, Crystal Skull isn't a bad film just that the series is held very dear by many and expectations are high so by not meeting them Skull gets more hate than it deserves.


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