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    A member of the LucasFilm Story Group that oversee's Star Wars canon and was responsible for axing all Extended Universe canon says for him the decision mostly came down to Chewbacca

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    You're truly in depth, Supes.

    I think the next movie will be the make or break point.

    To me, I don't know where the franchise can go, at least as movies.

    I reckon some big series on Netflix (in a bit) then a fizzle-out for 10-15yrs, when it seems cool again, to all the prequel era kids who are now balding dads.

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    I still have my full head of hair, y'baldy basts, btw.

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    After all the drama, looks like we'll finally get the first trailer for Solo on Monday

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    I was speaking with my friend yesterday about Ep.VIII and its divisiveness. I'm open to being entertained with the next one but accept that it won't satisfy every thread that still hangs from the last two.

    If (when) Disney greenlights more numbered SW entries after Ep. IX I'm steadily becoming more interested with what they have to offer over the upcoming one. I wonder if its disappointing to think that way though.

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    Realistic. It's a realistic way to think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    I'm open to being entertained with the next one but accept that it won't satisfy every thread that still hangs from the last two.
    Out of curiosity, what threads? The biggest challenge I see with the next one is that there appear to be very few threads to pick up on. I have no idea where they can go in the next movie other than just have Rey and Kylo fight more and be friends more and fight more again.

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    It seems like it'll pretty much now just focus on them killing of Kylo. They always described the main episodes as being distinguished by being Skywalker focused and even that has been a bare thread aspect of this trilogy and a rule that can't hold going forward. If Daisy is steadfast in not wanting to continue after Ep IX they should just close the film on some sort of Star Wars canon exploding closer that allows for a mass of post-Ep IX movies covering every unexplained aspect. We all know Ep X will happen one day but they should just leave it till the franchise needs the lift and they've shut the door on the old cast people care about so might as well go all in for shaking things up.

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    Teaser for the full trailer of Solo that releases tonight

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    Here's another teaser... or is this the full trailer? I don't know. I am the wrong guy to comment as I was tainted before I went into it but some shots look awesome, some look Rogue Oneish, some look like they are from some other movie and the guy playing Han looks older than Harrison Ford was and has a rubbery face.


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