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    Very... modern? But that voice. It's not the right voice.

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    It looks okay with the exception of the robot (Emilia Clarke) and the guy playing Han who doesn't seem to embody any element of Ford at all

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    the dialog is super flat the only real line we get to see him deliver is

    'i thought we were in trouble their for a second but its fine, nods its fine" Giant tentical arghhh'
    If this is the sort of acting that they picked out to showcase the film i dont have high hopes for what they haven't shown us, I'm thinking maybe this is gonna be the first new star-wars that fans and critics agree on being not great.
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    Wow. I don't think I could be more underwhelmed. I might not have liked the last SW film, but at least the trailer had me dying to see it. Lando looks better cast than Han.

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    Donald Glover as Lando brings up a casting question (or maybe even a concept question) because he is a seriously charming guy. And Woody is a scene-stealer when it comes to charming rogue. Given that's the role Han is supposed to have, I'd say he will be easily outshined by these two.

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    Heeeeey, who gives the shizz a fizz????!!!

    Let's just wait and see if it's Star Warsy and enjoyable.

    I've seen the teaser trailer, I really cannot tell anymore, it's like Star Wars roulette.

    Bring it on. Bring the big, shiny, roulette balls of Star Wars on every year, let us keep polishing them massive, shiny, Bantha ballbagz.

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    I can imagine there's a sense with recasting in these of not wanting to hire an impersonator but for these one off films where they're essentially pure fan service they should really go all in and just hire someone who is effectively going all out to be young Ford. The likes of Rogue One afford the freedom to do what you want on that front but if you're going to go ahead and do young Han Solo, above all else, it needs to scream young Han Solo.

    I'm becoming increasingly interested in what Post-EpIX will bring to Star Wars though. If responses to this aren't that strong then I can imagine a bit of a rethink gets applied to the second wave of new era SW films.

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    A lot of people have said they would have preferred a Lando film with Han just making a guest appearance and I think that would have been a smarter move for several reasons but mainly it's because Lando is largely unexplored (compared with Han who has a complete arc - only one of two characters who really feel like they do) and because his lack of screen presence in the new movies means that buying a new actor as Lando is easier. I haven't heard a complaint yet about Donald Glover. And it would have been a way to ease people into a new Han.

    All that said (or written), the Rogue One approach works much better for me. Star Wars is such a huge universe. Let's explore it without doing the prequel "your favourite characters as kids" thing.

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    It is getting dangerously close to feeling like Disney don't know what to do with Star Wars unless it involves destroying a Death Egg at the end of the film


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