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    Quote Originally Posted by jim g View Post
    2017 was the year for Switch, but I completed Mario Odessey and gave up collecting moons after 300. Bored with Zelda and done MK8 to death. Also Splatoon not for me and tried Xenoblade 2, but again not for me. So, I am interested to see whats next.
    In the same boat exactly in terms of titles, although I'm trying to be a completionist with Mario Odyssey and BOTW. Can't see too much on the horizon, so a fully fledged Virtual Console would be most welcome in Q1.

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    If it wasn't for BotW or SMO Arms would be GOTY. People should give it a try.

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    I'd play it were it not for the awful joy cons.

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    id disagree the joycons are pretty amazing, The switch needs a game like Warioware that takes advantage of the joycons as what was in 1-2-Switch while slight hinted at how good they are when used in unique ways.

    i also think they have missed a trick by not doing a spiritual successor to wii sports, Id love to see them do Nintendo sports and pack a load of motion control game that took advantage of nintendo franchises, Kirby bowling, mario golf, punch out boxing, and Mario motion tennis.

    When you think of games that Nintendo could update and make great again you have to wonder why they haven't brought back pilot wings F-zero, wave race, Exciteabike or even a main console Luigi's mansion.

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    As noted before the Great Purge, my left joycon had started drifting so I have contacted Nintendo about it. Anyway, because I couldn’t be without my Switch and I always wanted an excuse to buy the Splatoon joycons, I got the Splatoon joycons. And here’s the thing: they feel lovely compared with my originals. They are stiffer and the plastic even feels better. So that means either a) these have been improved or b) the joycons don’t age all that great meaning there is a big difference between new ones and ones less than a year old. Just an observation but I like these Splatoon joycons.

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    I'm keeping my *rare* broken left joycon. Should be worth a few quid down the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    I'm keeping my *rare* broken left joycon. Should be worth a few quid down the line.
    Well, 3-4 is a few quid I suppose...

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