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    There really is no pleasing some folk!

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    Japan got this:

    But no drums it seems. Good? Bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoFo2 View Post
    But no drums it seems. Good? Bad?
    If Gal Metal is any indication, I truly hope there will be support for buttons.

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    Hmm, what's the best place to buy the English PS4-version from? (sorry to ask in here, but a search on "taiko ps4" didn't yield a lot of results)

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    It will have button & touch screen input as well, bonus been this time the touch will be a lot more responsive as no more resistive screen. But saying that the DS version was perfectly fine in playing even that hardest oni songs using the touch screen, it will be like playing the ipad version so it will be pretty good.

    Would be nice if there is a physical drum as well though, even if it's just a wii to usb adapter so we can plug in our old drums as i'd love to use my arcade pro one with it.

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    maybe a bit unfair given we had Mario and Zelda last year, but that direct was pony.

    Not sure what I was expecting, but definitely more then some ports. Where's Pokemon/Prime 4...?

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    I imagine the 3DS support is getting some cheap boosting thanks to last years rise in hardware sales. Interesting how Switch has bolstered 3DS rather than killed it.

    They should have done Taiko for over here, always got time for those games.

    Though, on the side that No More Heroes looked underwhelming. More a cheap interest gauger it seems.

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    Lots and lots of WiiU games. I kinda bought all of those already though. Except Captain Toad, but are a few new levels and a resolution bump worth paying triple the price?

    Hmm. Not amazing really.

    I have to say Luigi's Mansion and WarioWare look good, but I wanted more Switch stuff that appealed to me. Think 2018 will be a slow year for this console if you bought most of Nintendo's WiiU output.


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