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    Nancy has decided to start throwing up randomly.

    Harry was never a sicky baby so it's slightly concerning that Nancy is.

    She's thrown up twice today - once on Grandma (hahaha) this afternoon and just now. She has a slight temp (38.9) but seems okay in herself - all smiley and cheeky and bouncing in her chair.

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    I have a work conference tomorrow and Friday so what better way could there be of spending this evening than... up at the hospital with Nancy!

    She threw up again and spiked a fever so we called 111 as her cardiac issues mean we were told to keep an eye on colds and chest infections.

    3 hours later and we've been given the all clear. Fever down and seems happier.

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    Ah great news. Hope you're okay tomorrow.

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    Perfect storm this weekend of our son wanting to just oppose everything we did or said and our daughter being both quick to scream and suffering epic separation anxiety from the missus where she'd kick off if there was more than a foot's gap. They've both randomly eased off now but the weekend was damned exhausting.

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    We're going abroad for the first time with our youngest in a few weeks and I'm dreading it.

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    Yay!! Nancy is teething. #KillMeNow

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    Our youngest seems to have just about finished teething for now, which is just as well, because it was an absolute twat this time round. With the first, she struggled with the first tooth but the rest were OK. With the second, it was just total torture from start to finish.

    On a lighter note though, I got called a "pen with monkey poo on" (WTF?), "Miss Poo" and "Miss Horse Poo" over breakfast this morning.

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    I totally forgot to take my son's tooth and leave a message and pound and he was devastated this morning. Ooops!

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    Nancy is 6 months old today!

    Time flying!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I totally forgot to take my son's tooth and leave a message and pound and he was devastated this morning. Ooops!
    I remember my last baby tooth. By this time I knew there was no such thing as the tooth fairy. That night I left the "tooth fairy" a fairly lengthy note explaining why my tooth was worth 10.

    The note and tooth disappeared the next morning and there wasn't so much as 10p, let alone 10. My mother told me the "tooth fairy" read my note, had a good laugh and disappeared.

    Good life lesson


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