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    Life as a Parent 2.4

    Reviving our new hub for the parents of Bordersdown to share their concerns and stories. Almost subtitled this thread The Second Coming but that might be a little too... blue: lol:

    Our current situation? Teething again
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    Had a two year health visitor review today for SFJr1 today, though it's two and a half. Went well, pretty much came out as we expected with the key area being his speech ability and the need to push on with potty training.

    We've held off until his speech improves but he just doesn't want to push on. He's been the same at every stage, absorbing knowledge but only doing it himself on his own timeframe so he goes from 1 to 60 in a matter of a day or two. One day he'll literally go straight from saying Dada Working to reciting Hamlet.

    But, he's now booked into School Nursery year for this September so the clock is ticking.

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    And once again, time has wizzed by and SFJr2 is moving much more towards not relying on Formula for feeds as much and is hunching up on her front in a way that shows she gets the concept of crawling but can't quite figure out the execution. Baby days last such a short time...

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    My boy is off to high school in Sept. Mental. He's already far better than me at all games except shmups which he doesn't like.

    This week he figured out that he doesn't have to go to RE lessons if he doesn't want to. The power of the interweb.

    He asked for some money and I said he had to earn it. I offered him 50 to make me a logo. He researched it all and learnt how to use inkscape (vector art) and had meetings with me about it. It's simple and I'm using it because I said I would (for my web design website). It's a return sign from a keyboard and he said the "CR" was like "See our", so it's like "See our website services".
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    Urrrgghhh... must... resist... urge to... turn your... photo into... a... meme...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Urrrgghhh... must... resist... urge to... turn your... photo into... a... meme...
    "Where are my sleeves? Where is my house?!"

    Surprised he didn't resist calling something like Charles Rodmell Advanced Presentation or something cheeky.

    They boy done good. He deserves his 50p.
    Wait, pounds?!

    Joke, it's been a really good opportunity to explain how a business interaction works.
    Plenty of adults have no real idea how to interact with others in a professional setting.

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    Hopefully he can explain to me how to use Inkscape. That app is a bloody nightmare

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    You should have at least got him to redesign the logo 2 or 3 more times to get your monies worth. Then go with the original idea. You need to learn how to play the game Big C.

    I coincidentally downloaded it for my wife to have a go at as she came home the other day and had decided to learn graphic design. I immediately tasked her with designing my sub/tutor business cards.

    The next day she had researched what it's like to be a graphic designer in Japan and was not happy. I pointed out she could just do it freelance (...and have another job to make money as well).

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    Son is yet again at home on a Monday after half term moaning about tummy pain. It never happens on a Wednesday.

    Tough to believe him.

    He has always had tummy and headaches whenever anything gets stressful and after a bit of reading, I think they might be symptoms of migraine in children. Tummy pain, feeling sick, headache. Then goes in a few hours, so easy for me to dismiss them. So "going back to school" sets it off and then I don't believe him which makes it more stressful.

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    We're fortunate with our son as he's so easy to catch out:

    Us: "Poor guy, do want a cakey?"
    Him: "Cake!"



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