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    The music in the game doesn't sound very Egyptian either. It's pretty enough but sounds more Morrocan/Algerian. They coulda used stuff like this:

    It's beautiful and powerful and emotional and, most importantly, it's Egyptian.

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    I'm not the biggest Assassin's Creed fan in the world but I rather liked the look of this. Enjoying it so far but there's something I really miss after playing Breath of the Wild: aiming arrows by tilting the controller. It's my std reaction when aiming an arrow now, and going back to using a thumb stick feels somewhat archaic.

    However, apart from that, I'm having fun. I do like a map full of possibilities and things to do and ways to get stronger, so I'm feeling spoilt pretty quickly. I also like infiltrating compounds and being stealthy. And I also like how pretty the game is, definitely a looker. So it's ticking a few boxes ... I just hope the story, when it kicks in, gives the events a sense of purpose/achievement/satisfaction, etc.

    For now I'm happy hunting and crafting ... and roaming around helping folk out and solving their problems, like Bill Bixby's David Banner.
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    Bought this as it was a mere twenty-something quid for the digital download at It's rather good so far. Haven't played a game in the series for a while. Seems to be a lot more fluid in movement and combat than I remember, and the game world looks mahoooooosive!

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    The last one I played was Syndicate. I loved the Victorian London vibe but I didn't like how the character interacted with the world. Exploring a factory I felt like I was snapping to the scenery everywhere I moved ... like I was playing Jet Set Radio or something. Happy to say the character control feels more free this time. Combat is pretty fun too.


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