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    Assassin's Creed: Origins

    Despite all the furore the franchise has seen over the last few entries I've stuck with it and here I am with its returning entry that has been very well received all round and...

    I'm bored. I'm very early and it's a lovely looking game with the reworked combat system seeming to be decent enough but Ubisofts decision to be inspired by The Witcher III seems to have had the same effect on me as that game. The game world so far looks lovely but I find it so bland to wander that I'm literally falling asleep every time I play the game.

    I may need to just drop the game and return to it later but this weekend I want to try and push on some more.

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    I’m loving it.Had me addicted from the start.Graphics are beautiful on the X.So many little touches in the game.Been playing snce Christmas Day and I’m at level 27 and still haven’t completed the main quest

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    Can you stand atop the Great pyramid of Giza?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen Monkey View Post
    Can you stand atop the Great pyramid of Giza?
    You can certainly stand on top of the pyramids

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    The game is fantastic but a slow starter. Stick with it and it really hits it's stride about 10 hours in.

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    Finally finished the main story at level 34 and 35 hours played.Thoroughly enjoyed the quest.I see its had an update so won't be finished with it just yet

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    There's a few cool things to do post completion... Just head to the assassin's den to get a list.

    There's a FFXV crossover quest for a weird chocobo camel as well.

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    I like Assassin's Creed. Even when the series went stale and a bit tits up (Revelations onwards in my opinion), I still enjoyed the series. I've not played every game, but if I have a gaming guilty pleasure, it's probably Assassin's Creed.

    And I'm enjoying this too. It reminds me of Skyrim in many ways because the real star of the show is the landscape and those moments alone when you stumble upon or witness something magical: entering a lost tomb, getting caught in a sandstorm, seeing the dawn Sun emerging from behind the pyramids, a flock of birds taking flight from the river Nile, traversing the desert by dusk on camelback; the game is full of those special moments. But unfortunately, again, just like Skyrim, the wonderful sense of immersion and suspension of disbelief is shattered the moment you interact with any of the NPC characters who are all dull and idiotic. They're like zombies, The voice acting too, like Skyrim's, is atrocious. Not only is the NPC voice acting laughable, but the main dude, who's supposedly Egyptian, sounds like a West African ( Nigerian in particular) and that ruins all the dialogue for me (and there's a LOT of dialogue).

    I don't like the climbing mechanics much either, in the old games you would have to look for grips and plan you're vertical ascent accordingly. You had to do it. And, yes, it could lead to frustration is you messed up and had to start over but it also meant a degree of satisfaction when you got to the top. Now you can climb up most things just by holding up. I don't like that. It's too automated. And there's no satisfaction in that. The grammar is pretty bad too. I've seen stuff like Icarus's in the subtitles, instead of Icarus'. Heard the word 'bullsh*t' used in the game which is ill-fitting considering the word didn't come into use until the 17th century. And Cleopatra speaks in an English accent! Haha. It's full of annoying crap like that.

    But enough with the negatives. It's a beautiful looking game with the best use of HDR I've seen. The desert is a bright environment and this game is bright! The music is nice, and fitting, if a little generic. I I would have preferred music from artists like Natacha Atlas (an Egyptian) or Asam Ali (a Persian) whose music is so full of beauty and emotion and just perfect for the setting. The combat is much better than previous games and a bit like Dark Souls' - albeit not nearly as refined. Also the crafting/upgrade/perk system works quite well and doesn't feel like a grind. The game feels more like an RPG now rather than an action game. But it's the setting I like most. As a kid I was obsessed with ancient civilisations. I had so many books on ancient China, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, their religions, gods, customs, sages and philosophers, and I still love all that stuff today. Any game that let's me explore ancient Egypt and visit The Lighthouse of Alexandria (one of the ancient wonders of the world, no less) or The Library of Alexandria (at the time the biggest in the world. I often wonder how different the world might be today had Alexander the Great not burnt down the library and all the knowledge it contained. What a twat he was.)... but I digress, any game that let's me visit Giza and Memphis and witness the pyramids decked out in original, pristine limestone, and see the obelisks, statues, tombs and hieroglyphs attracts my interest. I just love that stuff.
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    Enjoying this more and more. Ventured over to Giza and dug around inside a couple of pyramids and they seem pretty faithful to the real pyramids, inside and out. The step pyramid, the bent pyramid, Khufu's great pyramid, the Meidum pyramid, the're all present and complete, including the surrounding lesser and damaged ones. It's a really sound reconstruction. They missed a trick with the sphinx though because they could have programmed the sphinx's nose (which is famously missing) to fall off when the player climbs on it. That coulda been a cool little moment. I should be a game designer.

    The voice acting is annoying me more and more though, practically every voice sounds like a non-Arab pretending to be an Arab. And the Greek accents are no better. It's awful. I wish there was an option to play the game in Arabic with English subs. I realise they probably spoke a combination of ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek in Epypt 2000 years ago, but Arabic would suit the game so much more than fake pigeon English.


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