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    The music in the game doesn't sound very Egyptian either. It's pretty enough but sounds more Morrocan/Algerian. They coulda used stuff like this:

    It's beautiful and powerful and emotional and, most importantly, it's Egyptian.

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    I'm not the biggest Assassin's Creed fan in the world but I rather liked the look of this. Enjoying it so far but there's something I really miss after playing Breath of the Wild: aiming arrows by tilting the controller. It's my std reaction when aiming an arrow now, and going back to using a thumb stick feels somewhat archaic.

    However, apart from that, I'm having fun. I do like a map full of possibilities and things to do and ways to get stronger, so I'm feeling spoilt pretty quickly. I also like infiltrating compounds and being stealthy. And I also like how pretty the game is, definitely a looker. So it's ticking a few boxes ... I just hope the story, when it kicks in, gives the events a sense of purpose/achievement/satisfaction, etc.

    For now I'm happy hunting and crafting ... and roaming around helping folk out and solving their problems, like Bill Bixby's David Banner.
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    Bought this as it was a mere twenty-something quid for the digital download at It's rather good so far. Haven't played a game in the series for a while. Seems to be a lot more fluid in movement and combat than I remember, and the game world looks mahoooooosive!

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    The last one I played was Syndicate. I loved the Victorian London vibe but I didn't like how the character interacted with the world. Exploring a factory I felt like I was snapping to the scenery everywhere I moved ... like I was playing Jet Set Radio or something. Happy to say the character control feels more free this time. Combat is pretty fun too.

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    I can't believe how long ago I last tried this, what has happened to this year?!

    I'm now - I'm not sure, 60% of the way through the main story? I'm just going to come out and say it - I feel like most of those bowled over by this must have been lapsed fans who'd skipped the last couple of releases because it feels like a massive con job from Ubi to pass this off as not being mostly more of the same.

    It looks good and the mission structure is easy to follow. The Egyptian setting is gorgeous and well realised but at the same time repetitive after so many hours and so early in the timeline that it plays 'flatter' than past games with possibly the least verticality to it of the franchise which slightly undermines the point of the mechanics. Combat is better, not amazing but better. The game world is insanely large but I don't feel it adds much to the experience given the lack of variety and less vertical nature to most of it, it's largely the same as other action rpgs out there. In fact numbers, stat numbers feel like the biggest addition but AC games always bordered on being a chore so adding this reliance on levelling up drags the game out even more.

    As yet - it's a decent game but it's more importantly a decent AC game. Hopefully I'll eventually find Odyssey's setting more appealing to play around in but this isn't the direction I wanted AC to go in as it's going to really push loyalty if they keep knocking out drawn out entries.

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    One of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a long time, over 100 hours spent on it over the last two weeks to complete most of it including all dlc


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