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    Well this is odd, posting about this game on a late format (Switch) when there had already been discussion on all the other formats. Others can tell me about the other formats but I got this on Switch for Christmas and have a few things to note. The first is that this is really good fun, very violent with a great sense of pace. The glory kills give a real sense of rhythm to the game, which I didn't expect. The game is gory to the point where it quickly becomes meaningless - probably a good thing as I might find myself uncomfortable if I applied any empathy here. It's a fun shooter. It's like Doom, then Doom 3 but opening everything wide to get it more like Doom again... if that makes any sense. I can feel both the progression and the step back into the past and it works.

    On the Switch, however, the limitations of the system are very apparent. It performs well in handheld and impresses as a handheld game but, even then, it doesn't run at full res. It looks soft and slightly smeary and that's a little disappointing. Reminds me of some Vita games that just couldn't quite reach the heights the screen could have delivered.

    On a TV, you can see clearer the roughness. Again, it doesn't seem to be full HD (not sure what res it is running at) and some textures are very low res. There are places where, on another game, you'd think it hadn't yet loaded in the textures. My last Doom was Doom 3 on PC quite a number of years ago and my memory of that game is that it looked a lot better than this, if very contained. It's not a visual showcase for the Switch.

    That said, I haven't played this game on any other system so I can't compare. I don't know how polished or not it is meant to look.

    But the game plays really well and is very different to the other Switch offerings so, overall, I'm happy to have it. The more variety here the better as far as I'm concerned and I will happily live with the lower specs to have the handiness of walking away with my game whenever I want.

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    Switch Doom has been updated with optional motion controls. They are really good at the default settings because it’s pretty subtle, so you use the stick for aiming as normal but can make small adjustments or track an enemy with the motion controls. I like it.

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    Does that work with the Pro controller too?

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    I got Doom on PC a while back, I enjoyed it a lot I think my only complaints were that towards the end it tailed off (in that once you found a weapon that was it for new stuff to find even though still quite a bit of the game to go)

    Also I felt could have done with more variety, While i know it was set on Mars could have done some stuff on the moons or how about a level where they have a forest growing in a Giant Glass area to provide oxygen or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    Does that work with the Pro controller too?
    Not 100% certain but can't think why it wouldn't.

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    Started this on Ultra settings at 1440p and 165fps last night. Totally ball-blasting. I can't say it's as fun as Brutal DOOM so far, but they've stolen the Glory Kills from Brutal, which is a bit cheeky.

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    Good gam this one. Really meaty gunplay and tight arenas make for a nicely streamlined, tight experience. Need to finish it off soon.

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    Just finished this on Xbox One X having done it previously on PS4 a while back.

    Just bloody good fun. Hold down the right trigger, make bangbang noises until things go red and squishy fun.

    Looks great in 4K too.


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