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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Ono View Post
    The PC version is full of hackers at the moment which makes it really frustrating to play. Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.
    I can't tell whether I'm getting aimbotted or not, but some people seem to be very accurate with weapons from a distance through walls.

    On the plus side, the PC performance has been markedly improved recently; it's a lot smoother on my i7 with a GTX1080 now.

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    I bought an Xbox One S for this just the other day. Crazy eh? But, I have to say, I haven't regretted it. It's so good. Before playing this, I had been playing Fortnite which performs so much better, but I just couldn't take to the building aspect. Looking over the fence, I'd been envious of PC and Xbox users having PUBG. Now I have it!

    Anyone else playing it on Xbox?

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    Just got but haven't tried yet. Son is glued to it

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    I'm playing it and it continues to improve every update so I'm happy. It cost less than a full game and I've already gotten my monies worth with it.

    I reckon the next couple of major updates will put it above water in terms of frame rates as they've said they're concentrating on performance now.

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    It's strange that the more I've played it, I've thought this doesn't seem too bad now. There's some texture loading delay at the start and some anti-aliasing would be nice (probably no chance), but I really happy with it.

    I was subject to cruelty last night. I went into what I thought was a baron house only to shotgunned down on entry of one of the rooms. Instead of finishing me off they cornered me into the small room and one guy blocked the door leaving me to crawl about helplessly. Basically I was bait and they were hoping I had team mates coming to revive me. It was a horrible feeling.

    This game can really get the heart pumping.

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    PC version got the test servers for the new 4x4 map this morning. Plays much faster. Could be the future.

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    I've always said these games need more modes. Battle Royale is the main event but it needs to be kept fresh.

    We've already seen Fortnite do stuff like 20 man squads but there is so much more scope they could explore.

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    The trouble PUBG faces is that the mechanics are still too rough for most other modes of play, it gets by mostly because so much of the experience involves requiring the player to do very little. This and Fortnite feel like they're attacking the same mode from opposite approaches but the balance lies somewhere in the middle. Other than polishing, PUBG needs to either reduce map size or increase player count beyond 100 to a level that maintains the tension that elevates it above Fortnite but also reduces player reliance on getting into the Top 10 just by sitting in a shed for 20 minutes. I'm still expecting one of the big companies like Activision or EA to do their version in a Battlefield or similar and pretty much close the market on PUBG.

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    I fully expect a Frostbite driven PUBG game soon.


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