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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketcz View Post
    Binged Altered Carbon in two days.

    I haven't liked a show this much since Firefly back in the day.
    Is that because in this vision of the future, tramps are explodable?

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    Finished Spiral, bloody ace.Top acting across the shop particularly from the lead Caroline Proust - though both the female leads are excellent.

    Hoping for a series seven.

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    Tin Star: Season 1
    We had one glorious day of being able to make solid progression yesterday and sailed through the entire second half of the season. A lot of the frustrations with how stupid characters were in the first half are explained away in the second, it falls short in one or two areas to fully justify character motivations but by and large is successful and comes to a decent if low key end. It's ready for season 2 but I'm tempted to think it's better served as a one and done job as the one or two remaining dangling threads aren't compelling ones to follow up on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Is that because in this vision of the future, tramps are explodable?
    I genuinely sometimes only visit BD for the hilarious QC one-liners.

    To answer: yes.

    But also, it felt realistic without having a lot of bull**** other shows have. It was also ultra violent and dark. But it also discussed serious questions humanity will face as technology advances, but without being preachy.

    Also the whole backstory of a soldier who was on the losing side, just feels so damned like Firefly. I mean you can almost imagine it is Firefly, almost sort of.

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    You think quite differently to me, Sketcz, and I really like that.

    I'm definitely going to watch this after your enthusing, but aware it's not flawless.

    Personally, I think Firefly would be less cherished if there were more series as many shows decline in quality.

    I'm going to rewatch the last episode of Godless soon as that was phenomenal telly.

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    The Orville: Season 1
    Finished it now and I think I'll see how Season 2 pans out. It ends on a flat note but I read that it was supposed to be 13 episodes long but the finale was delayed to open Season 2 instead which makes sense. The humour element is still poor but by the end of the run you mostly just brush it off as characters acting more grounded than ST's more po-faced responses. It's a blatant rip-off no question but once you get to just letting it wash over you it's alright enough at the moment to see if they do anything with it or just let it fumble on as is.

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    The League of Gentlemen: Series 4
    Finally caught up with the most recent revival run. It was impressive how it didn't feel out of step with the previous runs at all despite the gap and in some ways tied off some characters but probably the biggest quirk was how it feels like it's open to a fifth run that is unlikely to come about. Would have worked better if it was a true ending but it was nice to revisit Royston Vasey again.

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    Missed the League of Gentlemen, hopefully the Beeb will repeat it.

    Been enjoying the Olympics though the BBC coverage I think has been really poor compared to Eurosport.

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    Red Dwarf VII
    I'll tell you what, after not seeing it for several years this run is much better than I remember it being. Whilst RDVI is a high point for it to come off this series of the show is nowhere near the level it's often complained of as being at. Some sag in there but some good moments too.

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    Netflix subtitled German genre show that follows the people of a small town where a small boy goes missing. It's first two or three episodes carry a very Stranger Things vibe until it becomes fully established that this is telling a much less hollywoodised and grounded tale of its own that has nothing to do with monsters from another dimension. It doesn't really contain much in the way of twists, it's more a fixed tale that is character led and is less surprise based thanks to lots of signposting and more like pieces of a jigsaw clicking together. It's not the kind of show or tale that could support many seasons but there's just enough in the tank if they proceed with a second run. Pretty good stuff.


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